As you know I’m an avid reader and lover of books. This is why I started blogging. To get my point of view out. But there is more to me. Let me help you get the buzz that you need. With so many books being published everyday it’s hard for an author to get the promotion that they need. Especially if you’re an Independent Author. Getting the word out about your book is just as important as getting it published. Being the bibliophile that I am I want to help make that happen. Below are a few things that I can do as a blogger and reviewer.

Here are some of the things that I can do for you:

  • Upon publication date I can feature YOUR book for a month on my site (that means top billing on my site at all times for that month)
  • I can tweet about you book on Twitter
  • I can spread the word about YOUR book on other social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr…etc)
  • I can feature YOU and YOUR SITE on my blog in my Authors You Need to Know section.

So what I’m offering you is a Marketing Blitz for YOU and YOUR book. Because I’m new and just starting my fees will not be much but I do have to charge for the time and effort that I put into this. If you are interest please fill out the form on my CONTACT ME page.

Also if there is anything else you would like for me to do, I’m sure I can do that as well. The above list is just a starting point of what I’m capable of doing.

Tell me your thoughts. I would love to know!

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