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Wow. It’s been over three months since I started and I’m still learning the ropes about this blogging/book reviewing business. As I make friends with other blogger I also learn a thing or two from them. One being a Review Policy. I will admit the idea never crossed my mind but I think it’s a wonderful thing to have on your blog. Not only does it tell you about yourself but also what you’re looking for and what the publishers can expect from you as a blogger/reviewer. So below is my Review Policy. Just wanted to lay down the bones of the policy and I will flesh it out in the upcoming days. So bare with me. Thank you.



General Information

Here on, I’m currently accepting select Adult, Young Adult and Middle Grade books for review. You can email me at

At this time I accept ARCs, finished copies and Indie Press books. If a book is a part of a series, I may need the previous book.

I am NOT accepting audiobooks, self-published books, interactive media books or e-books at this time. Review requests will not receive a reply.



I’m an avid reader so I pretty much read anything. Still I wish to make things easier so here are a list of genres that I’m currently interested in.

I accept Adult, Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction in the following genres:

  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Historical Fiction
  • Gothic/Horror
  • Fairy Tale/Retellings
  • Contemporary
  • Novella

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres:

  • Non-Fiction
  • Autobiographical
  • Memoirs/Biography
  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
  • Extremely Political/Hot Button Issues
  • Religion

Accepting Books

By accepting a book I guarantee a review. Unless, there was a case of emergency. If so, I will contact the publishers to let them know of the situation.

I will make a effort to read and review any and all books in a timely fashion, with regards to release dates, but I cannot guarantee this. If possible, I prefer to receive a book 2-4 months prior to when you would like the review posted.

Side Note: Most often than not my post are scheduled so if you contact me in March there is a slim to none change that I will have opening available for you April.


I tend to write a review for every book that I have read. Sometime I will post my review on Goodreads or Amazon. I’m not scholarly so don’t look for a NY Times type review. I’m simple and straight to the point.

I like to keep my reviews open and honest. That’s the best and only way I know how. Sometimes my reviews will be harsh (if I really don’t like a book) and sometimes they will be fun. My reviews are my opinions and if I don’t like a book my review will reflect that. The same if I love a book.

With that being said I will give a detail explanation on why I loved or disliked a book. I’m not one to write RUDE or nasty comments about the author. That’s just plain childish.

As for DNF-ing, I pretty much have a habit of finishing all of the books that I pick up to read. In the rare occasions there are time that I do not finish a book I will gladly explain the reasons and whether or not I will give the book a second chance.

Review Structure

All reviews will include the following:

  • Cover Art
  • Where I recieved the book
  • Book stats: Title, Author, Publisher, Page Count, Release Date, Series Status
  • My Review–what I like/didn’t like
  • Star Rating

Star Rating

5 stars = I LOVED this book with a passion. I want to own a copy

4 stars = I really enjoyed this book. It had so ‘flaws’ but I wouldn’t mind owning a copy

3.5 stars = Basically I enjoyed the book. It was “above average” but there were some things that bothered me that I couldn’t rate it higher.

3 stars = While I like reading this book, there were some problems within in that affect my enjoyment overall

2 stars = A plethora of problems and things within the book that irked me and negatively impact my enjoyment.

1 stars = I did NOT enjoy reading this book. It was more of a chore than an enjoyment

Please note: I do use the half star rating system when it comes to rating my books. Each book will be rated according to its genre. Just because I gave a Middle Grade fantasy book 5 stars and a Classical the same rating does not mean they are equivalent to one another. These ratings/opinions are base on MY personal enjoyment of the book.


Well I already have my Giveaway Policy written up and what my rules are about during giveaways. This little section is for those authors interesting in me hosting a giveaway. I would love to host a giveaway for you!

All of my giveaway are run through Rafflecopter useless stated otherwise.

If you would like for me to host a giveaway for you please include the following info in your request

  • Title/Author
  • Format for the book (ARC, Hardcover, Softcover, etc…)
  • Shipping Requirements (US or International)
  • Run time of the giveaway
  • Any additional information you wish to add (photo of prize, signed, blurb, etc…)

I think that should about do it. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at Thank you so much.



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