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With age comes a shitty memory so I just thought I would make a page with links to all the blogs and booktube channels I wish to visit. This will help me not only to remember to blog hop and leave a comment but also a way to support the book community. There are so many great bloggers out there (especially poc) that could use the exposure and boost. So hence my Ultimate BlogRoll.

If you’re a blogger/booktuber (especially teen or POC) who would like to be added to the page, please leave your name and the link to your blog using the Inlinkz sign up. I would love to visit your page and help promote you and the fine work you do for the book community anyway I can.

Before I go. If you’re visit the Ultimate BlogRoll page be sure to spread some love to your fellow bloggers/booktubers on the list. We’re all in this together.

As always thanks for stopping by. You are greatly appreciated.