Wow my bio completely sucks. How are my followers suppose to know about me? Sorry for the delay but I really am a shy person. It’s takes me forever to open up to people. Whether it’s in person or over the internet. I know dumb and stupid but yeah I’m even a spaz on the interweb.

Well I guess I should start with my name. Hi everybody I’m Sanovia and thank you for  following me along on the bookish adventures. Sometimes I will write about things that are not book related but most often than not my blog will be about books, books and more books. I have some new things in store including, INDIE365 and TASTY TUESDAYS.  Details for those two things will be revealed shortly. So patient my dear friends.

As I said before not much for writing about myself. Get to know my personality through my writing style in my post. Until then……


*More to come. It’s a process for me.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your site and want to recommend it to more people via the Blogger Recognition Award. I know not everyone participates in the awards system, and if you don’t, I completely understand. But you can find the details at http://wp.me/p6s2CE-8i if you’re interested. Either way, please take it as a sign of my regard for your site!

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