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Remember When


Yeah I remember when there was a time when you would suffer the consequences for your actions. But now people want to write an essay and college dissertations on why that might not be such a good idea. Stop cuddling these racist and bigots out here. If these ignorant vindictive people want to spread hatred and violence then they need to be prepared for the repercussions that are certain to follow. Isn’t that the right thing to do? Or is it because they’re white kids with promise that we must give them a chance and engaged them with love so they can see the wrong of their ways? Miss me with that bs.


If white parents weren’t so worried about little Timmy and Becky crying cause they didn’t get in first place we probably wouldn’t even be in this mess today.

Remember When

Nah, that’s a whole ass lie. This shit would still be happening because white mediocrity is the standard…….for WHITE PEOPLE. I mean how else can you explain these pasty ass bigots chanting “You Will Not Replace Us”? Or that Demon Orangutan in the White House? A person who has no governmental experience whatsoever is now a person with the nuclear codes. A person who deliberately incites violence and hatred. While also giving these racist and bigots the courage to walk outside without the hoods. Look at Charlottesville. Them participation trophy holders are mad as hell that their standard for success is coming to an end. You got to actually show that you can do the work, get those good grades and not just rely on your whiteness to lead you to success. So long Brotherhood of Mediocrity. Hello even playing field? I mean:


We are not here for the bs. We had it up to here and we are tired. You will not be shutting us down and telling us to “Get Over It.” You will not be telling us “It’s Just a TV Show.” You will not keep saying to us “It’s Just a Book.” When you start off with that rhetoric, it shows us who you really are and where you stand on issues that matter. We don’t have time or the energy for fake allies. You’re either with us or against us. There’s no in between. You will not shut us down. If anything, we’ll come back stronger and louder.

This is why we are so vocal in the book community about needing change and wanting representation on all fronts. From publishing to authors of color getting the chance to tell their stories. It’s one reason why I’m vocal about Black Love in YA. I, as a Black woman want to two Black Teens being goofy and awkward while falling in love. The demand is there.  Publishing your move.


I need folks to step they game up. You don’t need to be vocal all the time but a “How you doing?” or “Are you okay?” to POC/Indigenous friend can be helpful. Cute animal gifs help too. Also boosting tweets and following more POC voices is a must. Some of ya’ll might even be tired of talking/hearing about race and racism but just imagine how a person of color or Indigenous person feels. It’s exhausting. Doing all the heavy lifting of combatting racism is back breaking work. You want us to solve the problem while also teaching everyone why racism is wrong. Google is your friend. As well as the damn library. Use it. Tell your friends about. Start those important conversations and take the weigh off our shoulders.

And when you see a tweet or an article about why a racist Nazi shouldn’t get fired from their job simply because they attended a racist Nazi rally–I need you and all your white friends to:



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2 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHEN

  1. I’ve been so upset/tired/frustrated at the world lately because of people who are somehow okay that racism is a thing and are apologists for freakin’ Nazis. All I can say at this point, is I apologize on behalf of white people. We suck, I’m so sorry. Once Trump was elected to office, I vowed to never again be silent on issues to keep the peace or be polite (I’m from a place that probably voted very in favor of Trump). I see what’s happening right now, and it makes me so sick. I’m trying to do better and be better. I hope you’re doing okay.

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