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Creatyvebooks Reviews,


I would like to start off this Creatyvebooks Reviews–Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali with the following:

Number one,I’m not Muslim so, I personally cannot tell you whether or not the rep in Saints and Misfits is accurate. That’s not in my lane. What I will do, is point you to Muslim bloggers that have read/review Saints and Misfits via links at the end of this review.

Number two, there’s no rating for this book since people feel the need to use ratings as a way to hurt books written by  marginalized authors of color. So, no rating because this book because it deserves a chance to find readers that will appreciate the subtle nuances that might went over my head and cause my reading experience to be different from others that have greatly enjoyed this book. Sad that I wasn’t one of them because Saints and Misfits was one of many highly anticipated read of 2017.


Creatyvebooks Reviews,With that out of the way let’s get into why I particularly wasn’t feeling the book with fierce ass cover. Speaking of fierce—Janna is a fierce feminist Muslim teen that is trying to navigate through life, while struggling with her identity in the form of her religious upbringing. While the concept of Saints and Misfits is a great one, I have to admit that the pacing of the book was rather slow and boring with nothing really happening.

Yes, we get to see through Janna’s eyes has she crushes hard on Jeremy, the cute boy with the high forehead. Who happens to be non-Muslim. We also see Janna struggling with whether or not to tell her community about one of their beloved “saints”. A “saint” that had the intentions of forcing himself onto Janna against her will (rape).

As a Muslim teen, Janna goes through a lot. Who wants to be attacked by people with their hateful, ignorant and aggressive comments relating to your religion? Or having someone share your photo(without your hijab) over the internet without your permission? No one. But the most damning is the shame and burden she carries around throughout the book. I know that feeling all too well. That’s where my connection with Janna grew.


Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali is great.  Janna is fucking awesome and deserves all the praise. She stuck to her convictions and came out on top. My problem was the pacing. It was slow like molasses and quite often took me out of what could have been a great reading experience.

Will I recommend Saints and Mistfits? You bet your ass. Also Creatyvebooks reviews aren’t the only one out there. Check out these awesome Muslim bloggers/booktubers that have read Saints and Misfits and who give a different perspective of what this book means to them. So please show some love to their hard work.


As always, thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment down below with your thoughts.


*I received and early copy via Netgalley but end up reading after I got my own physical copy. Still want to thank Netgalley for the opportunity

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