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New Adult is a genre that mainly deals with protagonists that range from the age of 18-25, while also touching on multiple topics. Such as sexuality, drug use, depression, trying find oneself…etc. Its easy to see why a lot of book readers who love YA also give NA a try or enjoy this particular genre. I myself have given New Adult a try and came across a few books that I thoroughly enjoyed but that will be discussed in a later post. This post is about the things I hate about New Adult. A few pet peeves of mine if you will.

Alpha Male Syndrome—Look there is nothing particular wrong with an Alpha male. The problem is the way some authors confuse what an alpha male is. Who doesn’t want a male who assertive, intelligent, passionate and knows how to show you a good time in the bedroom? Who’s confident and isn’t afraid to take charge. The leader of the pack.  What I can’t stand is the so-called dominant brutes that authors mistake for being alpha. Seriously, there’s nothing cute or sexy about a male that’s arrogant, bullheaded, possessive and controlling to the point of abuse. Jealousy and violence is not a turn on for me.

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The Womanizer with the Heart of Gold—*Insert the side-eye emoji* Yes the womanizer love interest. The guy that has slept with multiple women without a care in the world. Breaking women hearts left and right because the only thing he ever care about was getting his rocks off and bouncing. But low and behold this womanizer finally met his match and you’re the one. The one that will change his wild ways. Yeah, miss me with that bullshit. I’m so sick of seeing this in New Adult, I’m ready for it to die. Why is it that a woman has to settle for someone like this? You expect me to believe that this person is going to drastically change for the better because he’s finally seen the light once you stepped into his world? What’s worse is that if a woman so happen to be a man eater she would be all kinds of sluts and whore without any possible way of finding love. Anyways, I hope authors come up with a better storyline than this one.

Sexual Assault/Rape—While I know these tragedies happen in real life, I hate the fact that some authors use these as plot devices or a way to show why a character is the way they are. With that comes the whole love will fix everything bs. Nothing says romance like a woman dealing with PTSD from being raped by her abusive ex only to jump in bed and fall in love with the first guy that treats her nice. All is better in the world. No need for therapy. No need to love oneself and come to terms with what has happen to you. Nope. This nice guy you met in the bar or randomly on the street is the one to make it all better. That’s not how it works. I need author in New Adult to be more responsible with these type of subject matters. You can’t sugar coat it for the sake of romance.

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The Virgin—Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with being a virgin. I don’t have a problem with people being virgins or waiting until they’re married and found the right one.  I just have a problem with how virginity is used in New Adult. Nine times out of 10 the virgin is a female character who is also naïve and basically been living in a bubble all her life. I just don’t understand this need for the female character to be so pure and innocence in order for the manslut to take any interest in her. Also why can’t it be reverse? Why can’t it be a woman who is sexually comfortable and has to teach the virgin guy a thing or two? Nope it’s always, always the female being the innocent. With that comes the power dynamic of a man taking control and teaching this sweet pure woman all about sex, giving her, her first orgasm and blah, blah fucking blah. Infinite eye roll.

Slut-Shaming/Female Cattiness—To be fair this phenomena happens across the board in many genres (YA) but something about it in New Adult irks my soul.  Many times it’s the virginal mary sue that is doing the slut-shaming. Calling and looking down upon the ex-girlfriend of the guy she’s currently dating. With that comes the cattiness. Cause you know you can’t have a book where females actually get along. There would be no plot line. Yes, let’s continue on with two females fighting over the manslut. Okay sometimes (slim chance) that male love interest is not a womanizing manslut but you get where I’m coming from. Like I’m still trying to figure out why female authors keep doing this shit. Can we please have some girl power for once? No need to make the female that is comfortable and sex positive into the enemy. Down with this archaic patriarch style of thinking.

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Lost Memory/Amnesia—Look I understand this happens in real life but I’m honestly sick of seeing the whole memory lost as a story line. New Adult is so guilty of this. Either the person lost their memory of their love one and so the whole time is of the lover trying to get the protagonist to remember and fall back in love with them. Or most used scenario, there was something tragic that happen in the protagonist past. Being brutally raped to the point of death is one. Smh. Not a fan of this trope. I just think most authors make this particular plotline cheesy.

Cheating—This one is a personal pet peeve of mine but I’ve seen it pop up in New Adult and I just hate it. Especially when the female character starts out as the side chick. Girl if he’s cheating on his girlfriend with you, what makes you think that you’re the one to change his stripes. There is absolutely nothing romantic about cheating in any aspects. And for authors to use it as a romantic plotline is just lazy and disgusting.

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Well there you have it. 7 Things I Hate About New Adult. Come back next week for 7 Books I Regret Buying.

As always thanks for stopping by <3

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  1. HAHA I love this! I laughed reading this post because everything you said is so true!!
    ESPECIALLY the alpha male thing! Sometimes I find it difficult to take NA seriously because it sounds so ridiculous. I mean, I get that it’s what people want, but if I did a dramatic reading of it, it’d be hilarious, especially when their bodies are described, lmaoooo

  2. Interesting you say that because some of the plots or all of them have been a trend or a feature plot in the romance genre. The cheating role is usually handled differently though in my experience. Usually it’s a character in a historical whose in an arranged betrothal and another character comes along and wins the betroth’s heart. No love lost. Unless it’s meant to be a triangle and then things go crazy again depending on choices.

  3. yes yeS YES YES YES YES YES YES YES *stands on chair* YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS. You said it all. All of these things are things I’m tired of seeing everywhere tho like for real.

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