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What an adorable book with an equally adorable character. Mimosa is intelligent, Image result for secret of a heart notegoodhearted and so damn genuine that you can’t help but to love her. She has to be one of the most authentic characters that I’ve read within a contemporary in such a long time. The Secret of the Heart Note is one of those rare book that satisfies all your senses while reading. Especially, the olfactory senses. Author Stacey Lee’s writing is beautiful, from the plot all the way to the descriptive details surrounding botany. You can’t help but get immersed into Mim and the story she’s telling.

If you don’t know Secret of the Note is about Mim and her mother being the last Aromateurs on Earth. There livelihood is using their special gift of smell to mix elixirs that can help others to the possibility of love. But that is not what this story is all about. Beyond the Practical Magic feel, The Secret of the Heart Note is about family, friendship, taking a leap of faith and finding your own happiness. Whether that’s straying away from your mother’s plans for you or finding a little romance of your own. This book has it all.

From the beginning Mim is seen as a rather shy and lonely protagonist, who is just going through life, knowing that there’s not much of future for her other than helping other people fall in love. Something she is not allowed to do because of a rule that her mother told her. A rule that all Aromateurs are supposed to follow. Along the way Mim starts to question this rule when she starts to develop feelings for Court. The cute boy of the love sick mother that she accidentally gave a love potion too. Did I forgot to mention that there’s a whole lot of shenanigans that goes along with falling in love? Or trying to get people to fall in love?

 Seriously, this book is absolutely charming. Not only is Mimosa such an outstanding character but the side characters are just as thought out and memorable as ever. I really enjoyed Mim’s friendship with Kali. While they didn’t have many scenes together, there was such a tenderness to this relationship that it felt real. They had there ups and down but at the end of the day Mim and Kali had each other’s back. The same can be said of Mim and her mother. While they often bumped heads about what was best for Mim’s future, there was a rawness and pureness to this mother/daughter relationship. You know the love is there. Nonetheless, the scene stealer of the entire book was Bryony. While her time was short, she sure knew how to pack a punch and worm your way into your heart.

I mean this can be said for all the characters but Bryony was special.

So if you’re looking for a refreshing contemporary with a hint of magical realism, I highly recommend The Secret of the Heart Note by Stacey Lee. It’s the perfect fun read to satisfy your contemporary needs.

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