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Welcome back to 7 Things. This week I talk about my favorite tropes. All books and movies have them so here are the ones that I truly love. Without further ado:


Enemies to Lovers—This has to be one of my favorite all-time trope ever. I mean when done right it’s a beautiful thing. I mean who doesn’t like a good enemies to lover story? First there’s the hate for each other. Follow by the constant back and forth bickering. That eventually leads to the unsureness of both parties. Questioning why each of them is developing feelings for one another when in fact they are supposed to be enemies for whatever reasons. Until finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for—that intense looking into each other’s eyes, the touching of flesh that leads up to that kiss that we wanted them to do 50 pages ago but it was so worth the wait. Immediately after, there’s some awkwardness and shyness mixed with utter confusion as the two lover birds try to figure this whole thing. We the readers are just happy that our OTP finally got they shit together cause we were dying with all the back and forth flirtation and squabbling.

Jock With a Heart of Gold—While I don’t read many sports books or books that feature the athletic love interest all that much, the one’s I’ve read were spot on. It’s awesome to know that not all athletes are superficial, shallow asshats. There are those that are willing to take the time to get to know someone outside of their circle. To give that girl or guy the chance they deserve. Seriously, my heart melts when the athlete is put in a situation where you know they’re about to defend the person they’re dating. Not caring whether or not their popularity among the cool kids will take a hit.

Rich Man Poor Man—I like this trope for a couple of reasons. One being when I was younger and in my teens I always wanted a rich romantic interest to sweep me off my feet and let me into their circle of glamour and elegance. As I’ve gotten older I realize that all I really wanted was the opportunity to go on vacations anytime I was stressed or just for the hell of it. For you needed money. Hence why I wanted a rich lover. Beyond my foolish dream I absolutely love this trope although I do wish the rich love interest would be a woman every not an again. Most often than not the millionaire billionaire is a guy. Like I know it’s a trope but switch up. And one more thing before I forget. This trope only works for me when the rich lover is not a douchebag. I can’t have someone that is oblivious to the fact that they are rich as fuck and think money and buying things is the way to someone’s heart. Nope. Issa turn off.

Best Friends to Lovers—I think this is one of the best and most adorable tropes there is. You can’t go wrong with the best friends that know each other since forever only to realize that they love each other on a much deep level than friendship. Yes there is a lot that can go wrong with these type of relationships but when they go right, its so damn magical. Plus it’s your freaking best friend. The one that knows you more than you know and vice versa. The one that has your back when things are tough. The one that you cried on their shoulders when you were upset and dealing with shit. I need to see more of this in YA. So swoony and romantic with a bit of angst.

Pretend Lovers—Can’t lie I’m a sucker for the pretend lovers. Those delightful cuties that aren’t romantically involved come together and pretend to be in a relationship for whatever reason, scheming and deceiving while secretly falling for each other. Just the best. The only pretend lover clichés I really don’t like is the one where the girl or guy is trying to make someone jealous because this person was the one they were really into in the first place. Just so cheesy and grimy. Yeah not my favorite.

Girl Disguise as a Boy—Don’t know why I love this trope but I do. I find it rather fun, yet we know the story is so damn predictable we wonder why the love interest took forever to figure it out. Yup, I talking about the girl that pretends to be a boy. Usually it’s some form of royalty or some type of higher upper that needs to disguise themselves for safety or to prove themselves to society. Sometimes it’s just because. Either way I love this trope. Reading as the protag debates whether or not to final reveal their true self. Again this is a rather angsty trope.

Secret Prince/Princess—If you want to see if someone loves you for you and not because of your money or status, the secret prince/princess is the perfect trope. I love the idea of the princess or prince wanting the freedom of secrecy just to be themselves without the hindrance of advisors and counselors. Those few rear moments of….just being. Eventually the secret comes out of the bag and there’s a lot of angst involved before anything is resolve but the beginning is the best part of watching to complete strangers getting to know each other and fall in love. Although one is keeping a major secret for whatever reasons the author think is good for the storyline.

Well there you have it. 7 Tropes that I Love. Do you see any on this list that you enjoy as well? What are some of the tropes that you love? Let me know in the comments down below.  Don’t forget to join me next week for 7 Things I Hate About New Adult Books.

As always, thanks for stopping <3

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