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Most book bloggers and readers made their goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year and here I’m in April finally deciding what the hell I want to do as far reading challenges goes. These challenges I’ve been wanting to do for a while but mentally I wasn’t ready and I knew I would never stick to the plan. Also my reading habit is changing. While I love YA I’m not as invested with it as I was. I still reading YA but its sporadic and only books that I really want to read or review.

As far as the reading challenges I’ve set for myself they’re fairly simple and easy. Anybody can do them and I’m sure people already are. Pretty sure a big booktuber or blogger has organized some these challenges or goal that the book community can go along with. I’m just doing this on my own time without the anxiety involved. For whatever reasons when I join a challenge I get anxious and feel like I need to complete whatever the objective is. Weird and I know stupid but it does happens.Image result for their eyes were watching god

Anyways, without further ado, here are the bookish challenges that I would like to achieve for the remainder of the year.  Beginning with the Classics. Old and Modern. Yes I’m talking about the Jane Erye’s and Virginia Woolf of the world. But you know me I have to add a little color into the mix so I’ll be reading authors of color who have classic works such as James Baldwin and Zora Neal Hurston.

Non-fiction. I don’t have many non-fiction books in my arsenal (except everything Marilyn Monroe) but this something I would like to change. While I don’t have a problem with non-fiction, it’s just not a genre that I go to. Most likely I’ll read those true crime type stories or books relating to the black experiences. Perhaps I’ll thrown some memoirs into the mix. They’re considered non-fiction. Haven’t decided yet but I definitely will like to read one non-fiction book a month.

The next item of business is curbing my book buying.  I honestly don’t have any room in my apartment for more books. I love reading and I love buying books but this habit of mine has got to stop. I need to at least finish some of the books on my shelf before buying anymore or do a major un-hauling again. I’m actually in the process of that at the moment. Still I think I need to do another one. With that being said I will keep my buying to a minimum. Instead of buying every month I’ll try to go every 2-3 months. Now it won’t happen in May or June because too many damn good books come out around that time but I think I’m good for July and August. September is my b-day month so you know imma go ham.

Image result for mansfield park book goodreadsThe last bookish goal or challenge I would like to achieve is to listen to more audiobooks. Not only is it convenience when you don’t have to the time to actually sit down and read but they’re rather enjoyable when you have the right narrator. Plus I have audible credits accumulating and I need to use them. If you guys have any suggestions about some great audiobooks that I should have in my collection, please feel free to comment down below.

So there you have it. My bookish goals and challenges. Do you guys have any personal bookish challenges you’re hoping to achieve? Let me know.

As always, thanks for stopping by <3

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