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Hello bookish readers and new followers, I’m doing a new thing here for my blog. It’s called 7 Things and basically its a weekly post where I discussion bookish thoughts and opinions in 7s. This week is topic is about fantasy. One of my favorite (albeit problematic) genre. So without further ado here are:


Lackluster Endings—Don’t you just hate that you as a reader invested so much time, money and energy with an epic fantasy series only for the author to fuck it up with an half ass ending. You’re thinking this, the last book in this magnificent trilogy/series will definitely go out with a bang only for it to go out with a whimper. Leaving you disappointed and flabbergasted at how the author could truly ruin one of your favorite series with a shitty ending. I’m looking at you Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Sorry but that ending uninspiring. Still got love for Harry but I thought J.K. Rowling would have pulled out all the tricks for the finally battle against Voldermort.

Names that are Hard as Fuck to Pronounce—I know this is fantasy but damnit sometimes the authors get out of hand trying to be unique and come up with their own language. On top of that many of them don’t have a glossary or pronunciation guide in the back of the book. Like help a sista out, lol. Most often than not I either mumble over the names or shorten it to my own interpretation. Do you do the same? How do you deal with hard to pronounce names? Btw the way this has nothing to do with names from other cultures cause there will almost always be a time where I will fuck the names.

Everything BUT a POC Character—We all know that fantasy has a bad habit of being mostly white. It’s really sad when a book has everything from dragons, trolls, goblins, orcs…etc, yet not one Black or brown person in sight. And if there are any Black or brown people they are mostly regaled to being slaves. Or they’re coded to be the trolls and orcs within the book. It’s like authors are either scared to have a person of color within their pages or they fail to do research or have sensitivity readers and wind up offending Black and brown readers with their ignorant and racist stereotypes.

POC/Indigenious Are Always the Aggressors or Savages—Continuing on with POC characters in fantasy, there’s this unending occurrences that people of color always end up being the dark-skinned aggressor or savages. Time and time again we see this bullshit happen. Time and time again, people on book twitter or through their reviews call out the offensive yet this still happens. Take for example The Continent and now The Black Witch. Two books under the same publishing house that have harmful racial tones as well as homophobia and a plethora of other insults. Yet the publishing is doubling down and not doing anything. The author to my knowledge as not even taken the initiative to apologize or postponed the book in order to fix the glaring problems that obviously rampant in the book. By the way you can add Traitor’s Kiss to the shit show. All these beautiful covered books that are absolutely ugly on the inside.

Info Dumping—When it comes to fantasy I love a good world-building and fully fleshed out characters. What I hate is a lot of info dumping. Brent Weeks The Black Prism is a prime example of this. It’s also one of the main reasons that it’s taking me forever to finish. Yes I understand that the author wants the reader to know what’s going on and how the magical system works but there is a thing as too much details and description. Authors have to find a way to balance the information about their world and the characters that inhabit them without boring the readers to death. With that being said I heard The Black Prism gets better going forward in the series.

Mary Sue/ Gary Sue Type Characters—Sorry but I’ve really come to despite these type of characters. Especially in fantasy. These seemly low level, plain Janes and Johns who know one would look twice at because they aren’t “attractive and beautiful” enough to be of interest are suddenly the heroes of the books. Oh please. It’s one thing for a person to become the hero after some trials and tribulation but it’s a whole other monster for the protag to have Super Saiyan powers without any training and can fight and kill in a blink of an eye without ever picking up a sword until page 53 in the book. Let’s not forget everybody loves them and there will most likely be some kind of love triangle

Ordinary Names with Exaggerated Spelling—Okay here’s the thing, I appreciate an author that wants to be unique and show us a world and characters that readers will love for years to come but for the love of all things that are holy I can’t stand overly complicated spellings of seemly normal names. What I mean by that is and will go out of their way to be different with the naming of these characters but wind up looking stupid in the end. Yes you can substitute and I for a Y but there’s no need to have Qs, Ls and Zs only for the name to be pronounce Elizabeth or Johnathan. I’m looking at you J.D. Ward. Seriously, your character names are Tohrment and Vishous. Oh let’s not forget Phury and Tehrror. Like I can’t with this foolishness. Somebody should have stopped her in the early stages but whatever.

Anyways, that’s all I have for this week. Thanks for reading. Can you related to any of the seven? If so let me know down below in the comment.

Also don’t forget to come back  week for 7 Tropes That I Love

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  1. Good list! I agree with the crazy spellings. No point. It’s like product naming putting a k in everything that should start with c. After a while it’s silly.

    Klean klick Klove kover krazy

  2. The made up names! Since I do a majority of my reading via audio, it’s when I see the name mentioned say on soc media and I have no idea what who they are talking about! I would never have pronounced it the way the narrator did had I been reading a physical copy.
    I do agree with everything else you wrote, especially the lack of diversity! That needs to change!

    1. Maybe I need to start doing audiobooks when it comes to fantasy novels so I can know what the hell the names are. Most often than not I pronounce them the way I want until I hear them in a movie or something lol.

      Yes I’m hoping fantasy diversifies more than it has. The publishing world is making progress but its slow going. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. LOL!! I totally agree with your 7 points! I love fantasy but find I often have to take a break from it primarily because of the ongoing POC issue, lackluster endings, and info dumping (It was really good but I had a similar issue reading Black Prism) 😧. The rest never fails to irritate me though. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it 😊

  4. Fantasy is such a great genre but it can use a major overhaul. Like you I find myself breaking away reading it because of the POC issue. Or if I read fantasy it by an marginalized author since there’s an 80% chance the book will not be as problematic.

    Ha! I’m barely halfway through Black Prism. Hoping to finish it by the end of the year so I can continue on with the series.

    Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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