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they say the Lord of Treasures hosts a tournament for the very best and the very worst, the dreamers and the broken. He’ll play a game with you unlike any tournament you have ever played. You might have to find your true name in a castle of stars, or wrestle your voice from a demon, or sip poison and eat fear…

Image result for a crown of wishesRoshani Chokshi was gifted from the Gods because her writing and prose are absolutely beautiful. Just like her stunning debut A Star-Touched Queen, A Crown of Wishes is filled with lavish and vibrant writing. It immediately captivates and mesmerize you with its lyrical style. Set in the same world as ASTQ, A Crown of Wishes follows the story of Gauri and Vikram. Two enemies that come together to play a game in order to win a wish. Can I say this is one of my favorite enemies to lovers written on paper in a long time? I mean, their pestering and bickering to slowly falling for each other is the best. Plus this is one of my all-time favorite tropes in the history of YA.

While this book is set in the same universe as ASTQ, make no mistake that A Crown of Wishes is its own standalone book. Yes Maya and Amar are mentioned maybe once or twice but this story is all about Gauri and Vikram as they play a deadly game to earn a wish. To change the course of their destiny. Along the way they meet some unforgettable characters. One being the Vetala. Found the scenes with him absolutely hilarious. I hope a novella is dedicated to this character because I want to know what his life was like before. I’m sure the Vetala has some stories to tell.

Beyond that, this book is almost perfect. My only problem I had was the lack or sense of danger. Here are two people playing a perilous game, yet I never felt any sense of danger for them. It was almost like everything was too perfect and too easy. Yes I know that Gauri and Vikram are smart and clever individuals but I still think there should have been some close calls situations within the book.

Overall, A Crown of Wishes has that same magical feeling you get from ASTQ just with slightly better developed characters. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Maya and Amar story but man I just love Guari with her sass and Vikram with his clapbacks and wits. These two are a dynamic couple that you will easily fall in love in within the first few chapters. So do youself a favor and buy a copy or borrow from the library and delve into an unforgettable story.

*I would like to thank Allison over @maliciousglee because she is an amazing and awesome person who gave me A Crown of Wishes manuscript. Forever grateful.

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