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Image result for beast brie spanglerI should start off this review by saying I’m no expert when it comes to the transgender  community so I can’t really speak on whether or not the rep in this book is accurate. Or whether or not this book has harmful rep. What I can say is that I was pretty much uncomfortable with what was written with these pages. To me Beast by Brie Spangler is a hot ass mess on all fronts. You have one-dimensional unlikable characters. Bad marketing because there is nothing Beauty and the Beast like except that the main character is a hairy douchebag. On top of that it promotes toxic friendships and relationships.

Come on ya’ll this will be one hell of a bumpy ride. So seat back relax and watch me rip to shred this harmful book.

Okay so Dylan aka Beast is the main protagonist who has a woe is me complex because one, his best friend JP is an asshat that uses and abuses him in the most humiliating way. Secondly, because he’s a big hairy 15 year old, kids at the school talk shit about him and he doesn’t have any friends beside JP. To make matters worse his mother is a little overbearing in that she wants to protect him and shower Dylan with affection to the point that it’s nauseating. I get it. You’re a widow, your husband died of cancer and Dylan is all that you have and you want the best for him. Still she is blinded by the fact that Dylan needs anger management therapy.

I mean the whole story starts off with Dylan jumping off a roof and shattering his leg all because his best friend JP paid a barber extra to shave Dylan’s head clean. Imagine someone who hides behind their hair because they feel in their heart that they are too ugly to look at. Dylan hair was his comfort but JP had to be an ass. The one person that Dylan looks up to.

I’m telling barber this and the dude goes a buzzes a strip right down the center of my head. What the hell? I jumped out of the chair….and towered over the guy. He cowered, like they always do, and pointed at JP. Told me JP slipped him an extra twenty bucks to buzz it. And right on cue, JP starts laughing. I laughed too, but that’s different. I had to.

Yeah some friend. That little incident is what leads Dylan to jump off the roof and land him in the hospital. From there you can guess surgery and the doctor recommending group therapy. In group therapy Dylan meets Jamie and basically its insta-love. At least on Dylan’s part. He’s just happy a girl is paying attention to him. Too bad he wasn’t paying attention in therapy when Jamie came out as transgender. But you know I guess this was a way for the plot to move forward or make it juicy and interesting. Whatever. It was cheap.

Dylan only finds out that Jamie is transgender when JP makes some sly remark calling out Jamie. Good ole JP at it again.

Have a great time, you guys….shit. I mean, you two? He stumbles backwards, turning red. “I mean….Sorry, you know what I mean. Sorry bye.”

Essentially after that meeting Jamie explain once again that she transgender and Dylan loses it. Going into a fit of rage and breaking the trainset that his father painstakingly build while he was battling cancer. Jamie was longer a girl in Dylan eyes but a boy.

Because how fucking dare that kid think he can dump me when we were never a thing, and oh my god, I kissed a boy……She can’t dump me. We were never a thing. We never made it official. Then, oh god, she was a boy this time….Everything I thought I knew has been turned upside down. Am I so fucking desperate that I fell for a boy in a skirt

I really hated that whole scene because it goes into the stereotype that all transgender are hiding and trying to trick you into liking them or some shit. I truly believe the author could have went about this story way differently. I mean if the story wasn’t bad enough it got worse.

We have JP outing Dylan in front of the whole school for dating a transgender girl, which in my opinion is wrong. Although Dylan is a douche he still didn’t have time to process whether or not he wanted to tell his classmates he was dating a transgender person. That was for him and Jamie to decide.

“I know the bell’s about to ring, but I want to make announcement…My best friend, right here—you might know him as the beast—anyway this hairy son of a bitch has a new girlfriend, and I think we should all, like give him a round of applause because I never thought we’d see the day.”

Oh my god

The lemmings cheer and my heart stops.

“Not only that, not only that—I have to give him credit. His girlfriend is real pretty, and it’s cool they see something in each other…..And he’s finally met his match, because I think it’s safe to say he’s the only guy here whose girlfriend is trans.”

So tell why do I need to feel bad for JP because his mother is a raging alcoholic? JP the guy who uses Dylan to beat up and intimidate kids who own him money. Sorry but this friendship was so toxic and the author is trying to get you to believe that he’s a sensitive boy with a fucked up family life. Ummm you don’t treat your best friend that way. I’m sorry, you don’t.

As you can imagine, Dylan was called gay and fag and his classmates were disgusted with him because he had feelings for Jamie. Feelings which he finally admits that he has and is all types of confuses but still a douche because he won’t admit he has major anger issues and takes it out on Jaime, his mother and dead father. The rest of the book is of him trying to win Jaime back at the same time Dylan mother blames Jaime for her son’s erratic behavior while also being transphobic and not wanting Jaime around her son because Jaime is a confused lost soul. Or as she likes to say a girl with a dick.

This book is complete trash. It’s homophobic, transphobic and I’m not for toxic friendships or relationships. Secondly, in my opinion Jaime’s character didn’t feel authentic enough for me. Well none of the characters felt authentic. They were all horrible. I literally can go on and on about how JP threatening harm to Jaime if Dylan didn’t beat up this kid who owed him money. JP is a rich fucking sociopath who doesn’t deserve friendships or empathy. I don’t care if the threat turn out to be a lie. He’s a disgusting person. And Dylan isn’t a saint either.

You’d rather throw Jaime to the wolves?

I….I need Adam Michaels. And if Ethan and Byrce aren’t the ones who find Jaime, it’ll really suck when someone else does.

Horrible book with horrible. You can read it if you want to but I highly recommend you skip this.

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  1. I was looking forward to reading this one as it seemed like an interesting diverse read, but now I rather not. I have no time for harmful rep, or the other shitty stuff you mentioned. That’s usually a a major factor for DNFs for me, so this saves me time. Maybe I could read some of it as to see examples, but probably not all. But I can see what you mean with how the author could’ve executed the idea better without having to go to transphobic or homophobic means, or challenge them within the story in a positive way. Thanks for the great review and your thoughts!

    1. I don’t even know if I would call it diverse since it’s centered around a straight white boy instead of the transgender character. Either way this book is a hot mess in my opinion. But there are people that have enjoyed it. So I think this will be one of those polarizing book in the YA community.

  2. Just for the record, it’s not “a transgender”. That’s really dehumanizing. “A transgender girl” or “a trangender person”, but not just “a transgender”.

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