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Yes, you there. I’m talking to you.

Are you like me? A person who enjoys a great vampire book but is sick and tired of shiny bright sparkling imitations? Are you looking for that suspense and tension and ugliness that surrounds the undead? Are you looking for a book that will captivate you from beginning to end?  Well look no further because I have the book for you. Certain Dark Things is the dark and gritty entertainment you’ve been waiting for.

Set in modern day Mexico City the reader is introduced to Domingo, a naïve and easygoing street kid who collects garbage but also has a fascination with vampires. So when he meets Alt, a real life vampire, his once simple invisible life gets a somewhat rude awakening. But he don’t mind because Domingo is too busy being star stuck and wanting to be friends with this dangerous beauty.

Alt, the young inexperienced vampire is on the run from her past and doesn’t have time to play nice with the human. Yet somehow Domingo worms his way into her life and the two form an unlikely companionship, even though Alt’s instinct tells her time and time again to kill him and get it over with it.

She ought to have killed him. she should have drained him whole, broken his neck.

Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia does a fantastic job of dismantling the try and true method of writing a vampire novel and completely makes it her own. This isn’t your Bram Stoker/Anne Rice unseasoned cooking. No! Silvia not only added the spices but also the shade between these wonderful pages. And the pettiness inside of me was here for it.

Human disease can’t kill us, but then the Necros aren’t human. In the times of the Aztecs, when the first Necros arrived upon our shores, they quickly spread disease among the local vampires populations….Germs can be much more effective than swords.

The Necros probably ate too many rats in the Middle ages and that’s why they’re so filthy…

We were Warriors

Yes honey the shade of it all. Spilling all that good tea and giving a not so subtle history lesson all at the same time.

Beyond that Silvia Moreno-Garcia weaves together a great story center around vampiric gang politics with a dash of history all the while integrating Mexican folklore and other cultures in this up-tempo and fast-paced read.

If you’re looking for a refreshing and new spin on the vampire lore I highly recommend Certain Dark Things.

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  1. Ok, I was supposed to read this book in December, but then the holidays started and I didn’t have any time to read. And THEN #DAReadathon started and I thought that I wouldn’t have time to read Certain Dark Things because I had already made a TBR for it…but I have an idea! Personally recommend this book to me right here right now so I can read it for the Lumos category! 😀

  2. I have never heard of this book, and now I’m adding it to my TBR with the quickness. Also, “This isn’t your Bram Stoker/Anne Rice unseasoned cooking.” Why did you come for their edges like that? I am sitting at my job trying not to laugh to loud. I love vampires way too much (or, rather, I used to) to let this not be in my life.

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