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It’s December and I for one am happy that there is no snow covered trees or streets for that matter. I’m pretty happy with the way the weather is not blistering cold (just yet) and miserable. At the same I’m dreading all the holiday music that I’m about to be bombarded with. Technically, November was the start of the Christmas music nightmare but now it’s in full force. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday it’s just that the music is a tad bit annoying after a while. It’s so many times that my ears can listen to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas before I scream. I know I’m not the only that feels that way.

As for the blog there is no theme. It should have been a theme but nope. Too lazy to come up with one plus there are some amazing book challenges and themes out there already. Basically I will be doing the same thing that I always done….writing a post every now and again. Also some of my Month of Sky Pony Press will leak over into this month because after Thanksgiving I became a little lazy with my post. Most will be reviews of the wonderful books and a few guest posts that I still have to upload.

Beyond that it’s Christmas shopping via online because department stores give me anxiety and I don’t have the time to get stuck in a crowded store looking for that perfect for a family member. I can do the same thing in the comfort of my home. Plus there are a few gems online that you simply can’t find in the stores.

So my beautiful followers who I appreciate so damn much, what are your plans for this upcoming month? Are you cheerful that December here? Or like me you’re waiting for the New Year because so many damn good books come out? Although I’m not very fawned of the Orange Demon be inaugurated into the White House but that is another whole post of hate that I don’t got time to type right now.

P.S. Final Fantasy XV came out and I can’t wait to finally place it. I mean it’s been like a 100 years. I hope its well worth the wait. So if you see me absent for social media you know whose fault it is.

As always, thanks for stopping by <3

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