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Image result for dotwavAre you one of those readers that are looking for a fast-paced and thrilling type of book? Well Dotwav by Mike A. Lancaster is the book you need to have in your arsenal. It’s like Hackers meets  Kingsman. Dotwav is a fun and electrifying adventure with a side of cheesy thrown into the mix. I highly recommend this book for its unique premise and entertaining content.

Here’s the thing. A strange and scary file is going around the London music scene causing folks to act weird or simply disappear. The only thing is that it affects the highly intelligent group of society. Seriously, you need to know some pretty complete math just to get the file open. This is where Joe Dyson—the seventeen old secret intelligence agent comes into play. While investigating the disappearance of his friend, he quickly discovers there’s more than meets the eye with this strange file.

Teaming up with Ani, the extremely skilled hacker with baggage of her own, the two set out to find out why someone would want a teen army and figure out how to stop them without getting killed along the way.

While one has to suspend all disbelief, since I doubt there is a secret teen intelligence agency, I really enjoyed the characters although at times the dialogue felt a little stiff or awkward. I don’t if it was a London thing or if the author just couldn’t get in the mindset of a teenager to get the laid back conversation right. Either way, this is an pleasant read with no love story. Just mutual respect between Ani and Joe. Which is rather refreshing. No need for a budding romance in everything YA.

So if you’re looking for some science fiction that is engaging and cool, Dotwav is the book you’re looking for. A quick and easy read that you’ll breeze through to the very end. Hoping there’s a book two in the making.

*Thank you Sky Pony Express for finished copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Image result for dotwav

Age Range: 12 and up

Hardcover: 448 pages

Publisher: Sky Pony Press (September 13, 2016)



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