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Maya Angelou QuoteI feel myself pushing back. I feel myself resisting and saying fuck it. I feel all these negative emotions building up and spilling over into the things I love. I’m at the point where I don’t want to be bothered or speak to white people. When these thoughts happen, I have to step back, take a breather and reevaluate the situation and  ask myself, “Why am I feeling this way?”

Between the shit on the news and the book community being a hot ass mess, my feelings are justify yet I know that mindset and way of thinking is not going to help in long run. Just know I’m tired. Tired of always seeing unarmed Black Men shot on video tapes. I have cousins and uncles who are brothers, fathers and husbands. So the thought that their lives seems invalid is heartbreaking and maddening.

I’m tired of the vitriol and hatred that is running amok in the book community and only seeing the same few authors and book bloggers defending and fighting back against the hate. This was suppose to be my safe place but it doesn’t feel that way anymore. All because some people can’t stand the thought that readers want to read books that presents them. Books that are diverse and written by POC and marginalized groups. As I recall the United States and pretty much most of world is a melting pot. So why can’t that be seen and written in book?

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What’s disheartening is to see some authors, pushing back against diversity. Some have the idea that they are being “forced to write diverse.” Newsflash, no one is forcing you to write diverse but I will not go on a full blown rant because I don’t have the strength. Just know that I’m disappointed in many authors that I’ve supported but will not in the coming future.

At this moment in time my Black dollars will be spend wisely and if that means turning by back on a few authors so be it. I will let my blog and dollars speak for me. Because enough is enough.

Anyways, I’ve said all this to get these thoughts and feelings off my just. This negativity was bringing me down into a dark place I don’t wish to go. So I had to get it out. So if you read my ramblings thanks. If I offended, I’m sorry. And white people know that  I have love for you and no hate in my heart. Just sad with the way the world and the rest of humanity is acting at the moment.

As always thanks for stopping by <3

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3 thoughts on “THE TIDES ARE TURNING

  1. I’m with you. The Lionel Shriver speech splaining how critiques by PoC is equivalent to censorship was the last piece I read. Of course, she and her supporters overlook the insignificant(?), no inconvenient fact that PoC aren’t the gatekeepers. We don’t have the power of censorship. I haven’t seen authors wailing that they are being forced to write diversely, and I hope they are not among the authors I follow.

    Each death of a black person by police is a painful episode. Our grief is real. Our grief is collective. Our grief is cumulative. We add each one to the weight of our souls. And each one screams that we are not welcome, not equal, and should have no expectation of justice.

    That said, we will get through this period, and things will get better. More people of all colors are aware of the problem than ever before. Change will come, and it will come on all fronts. We have to keep the faith, take care of ourselves and those we love, do what we can to support change.

    If I publish, you are one of those people whose opinion I would take to heart. I so often agree with your critiques.

    As always, I appreciate reading your thoughts and wish you well.

  2. The last few weeks/month have probably been the hardest I’ve seen on the book community. Normally stuff blows over but it kept escalating to such a negative place. I think some great stuff has some from it but it’s also sent so many people into a depression.

    To me, sharing diverse reads has just been a part of my blogging and I love finding POC authors & books and do my best to support and read them. I do hope we all come away a bit wiser and not jaded. Everyone matters and my heart breaks when anyone feels that they don’t. I hate that I worry for my children now. It scares me some days and I have to release it to God to keep them safe.

    Thanks for sharing Sanovia and being always a great friend and someone I’m so glad is part of the community! Let’s just keep going one day at a time. ❤️

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