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10) While everyone seems to be rocking with a Mac Book Pro, my ass is still typing on my Sony VIAO. I can’t afford APPLE computers. Too expensive for my blood.

9) I love to cook. I actually went to culinary schools to pursue a career in cooking. But life happen and obviously it didn’t work out. Anyways, I cook with my soul. Nobody got time to be measuring seasonings lol

8) I hate the summer and winter seasons. One nobody likes to sweat in the summer. I mean the only thing about the summer is that the beaches are open. As for the winter, too damn cold. I’m too tall to be slipping and sliding on ice. No thank you. Plus New York City weather is very capricious.

7) I have two younger sisters and sometimes they get on my fucking nerves but I love them deeply.

6) The blogger behind Creatyvebooks is black. Yeah I said it. For those of you that are new. Yep, I’m black.

5) I love watching horror movies. Or going to see horror movies. It doesn’t matter that I know the horror movie is going to be shitty. There is this need to say I saw it. I mean Lights Outs was shitty. So was Before I Wake. It was boring as hell. Anyways, I will sit and watch any horror movie you put in front of me.

4) Music is something that I love and can’t live without. Growing up I had to hide the fact that I liked “white people” music. Yeah it was weird moment in my childhood. Safe to say nobody cares what I listen to as long as it’s not death metal or like my grandmother used to say “Devil music.”

3) Okay this might upset so people but my ass is wayyy behind on The Walking Dead. The last episode I saw was when Tyrese was killed. Yep, I know. Thank goodness for binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime. I just caught up on Mr. Robot but I’m still behind on Bates Motel, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Arrow and The Flash. I suck at keeping up with television shows lol

2) I miss ER. I need one of these streaming companies to buy the rights to stream all the season. This was my Grey’s Anatomy before Grey Anatomy was even thought of.

1) Many of you might not know but I suffer from Depression, anxiety and panic attacks. At times it can hinder my everyday normal life. Such as reading, keeping up with my blog or simply getting out of bed and going outside. If you want to know more about it, I wrote a post as part of It Starts At Midnight #ShatteringStigmas. You can read about it. Just click the image

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