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It’s official–my bank account hates me. With some many great books coming out at the end of August early September, my account is pretty much running on empty. I’m just happy I can justify buying all these books. My birthday is in September so I get a pass. Yay me.

Still, you can’t blame a booknerd for wanting all the books. On top of that all the extra swag and special incentives being offered if you preorder these lovely books. Yeah, I couldn’t resist. Could you?

I mean we have Taherah Mafi’s Furthermore. Which is basically Alice in Wonderland meets Inkheart. Need I say more? Plus that divine gorgeous cover just speaks to me. I need it like now.

Then we have Lucy and Linh by Alice Pung. I will admit that I just heard about this book like 4 days ago but when I start that it was being market as Gilmore Girls meet Fresh off the Boat I immediately ordered. That description alone as got me hyped.

Up next on the list of books that made broke is Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova. Although, I had a chance to read this book early, I enjoyed it a lot that I wanted it on my shelf. It’s also good to see different and diverse representation of people cultures and folklore. Brooklyn Brujas baby. And I love the cover.

Now everyone knows it’s not September without have a SJMaas book being release so yes I got Empire of Storms preordered. Which reminds me I need to read Heir of Fire so I can get to Queen of Shadows. Gah, I’m so behind.

But I’m not behind on Six of Crows, a book that I just love so I’m hella excited for Crooked Kingdom, that I ordered the box set. Come on who can resist sprayed edges? Not me. Leigh Bardudo knows how to write a story and great characters.

Last but not least I ordered a book that I feel is not getting the proper attention that it deserves but I think it should. I’m talking about Into the White by Randi Pink. I’m really looking forward to this book and how the author handles, race, class and gender. I hope others put this one on their TBR.

Even though I said Into the White was the last book, there is one more and it’s non-fiction. A movie starting Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Butler is coming out in theatres soon and I’m excited to learn about this history I know nothing about. So I want to read the book and any other books related to this event. I’m talking about Hidden Figures. I’m many of you have saw the trailer. Do you plan on seeing this movie?

As always thanks for stopping by <3 Are there any upcoming books that’s gonna take all your money? I love to know in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY

  1. I’m super excited for Empire of Storms and Crooked Kingdom as well! I kinda hated Shatter Me so I know I won’t be picking up Furthermore. I haven’t heard of most of the other books you mentioned, but I’m curious about Labyrinth Lost! The two that I’m jazzed for in September are Three Dark Crowns and Female of the Species! I hope you get ALL the books for your upcoming birthday!! 🙂

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