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Series: Jackaby (Book 3)

Hardcover: 352 pages

Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers (August 23, 2016)

Rating: On Fleek (5 Stars)

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“My brick. My house. My whole wide world.” She slid through the demolished wall. My turn.”

Yes Jenny Cavanaugh was not playing with these hoes.  And the pettiness inside of me is here for it. This time around Jackaby and the gang are on the case for one of their own. The lovable and affable Jenny Cavanaugh. The “ghostly lady” of 926 Augur Lane. A decade ago she was murdered in a grisly and horrific manner and now she’s ready to confront her demons and find out who did the deed and why.

For those who have been with Jackaby from the beginning, you can appreciate Author William Ritter’s, care and dedication to making memorable and endearing characters.

Jackaby—The quirky Sherlock Holmes/ Paranormal detective.

Abigail Rooks—The witty and strong-willed assistant

Jenny Cavanaugh—The confidant and bringer of peace.

Simply put—the dream team. With each installment in the series, the more you get attached to the characters. The more you wish the series will continue. The more you wish you can apply for a position and be a part of this amazing cast. Seriously, Jackaby, are you hiring?

All joking aside I think Ghostly Echoes has to be my favorite. I just love the development and growth of Jenny. You get to see her backstory and history, while your heartbreaks at the senseless death that was set upon her. I won’t spoil anything for you but Mrs. Cavanaugh is one tough ghost whose, bad side you don’t want to cross.

With plenty of bad guys and a riveting mysterious, Ghostly Echoes is a fast paced read with a satisfying end that leads me to believe this is not the end to this delightful series. A series that I feel is underappreciated in the YA community. A series that I want everyone to jump on board and read.

So I’m happy to say that I’m doing a giveaway for the first 3 books in William Ritter’s fantastic and spellbinding world of R.F Jackaby.

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Get swept away like I did and help me figure out what the R.F. stands for. Rick Frost is a no go lol.

As always thanks for stopping by <3

Now for the giveaway. It’s US only. Sorry to my international followers. I’ll get you next time around. 

*I received an copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Also I won a copy via Goodreads.



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  1. This is a series I am so excited to read! Thank you for the chance, 😀

    But an actor best suited for Jackaby… oh man. I’m horrible at this, lol. Even if I had a description of him, I’d still struggle. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the cover was maybe John Mayer (I know he ain’t an actor, but still) or Jesse Eisenberg. And that’s just going by silhouette/profile alone. What about you? Who would you pick for him?

    1. You’re welcome and good luck! Jesse is a good choice. Didn’t even think of that. Everyone keeps say Cumberbatch and I’m like nope. That man is everything. My choice would be Richard Madden or Penn Badgley. Sadly the other actor I had in mind die in a tragic accident.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. OMG, I couldn’t really read the review because I’ve never even read the first book to this series, but I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now! I recently discovered it and just haven’t gotten around to it, yet. (>~<) Thank you for this awesome opportunity, though! 😀

    And unfortunately, even if I've read it, I can NEVER think of actors for book characters… I'm bad at remembering all of their names and faces…(O_O)

  3. Picking an actor to portray a fictional character is always a tough choice…The author said he had Anton Yelchin in mind, and I think that is absolutely perfect. I could also see a young James Mcavoy.

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