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So awhile back I started Vintage Traveler as a challenge for myself, since I love reading books set in the 1940’s. Why? I don’t know but there is something about the WWII era that I like in fiction. Just because I love the 1940’s doesn’t mean I will only be reading books set in that era. Hell a book could be set in 70’s to 1820’s as long as it’s not modern, it counts. Another way to expand on this idea is by reading books printed or published during those times. So yes Shakespeare or any other vintage author can count as well.

Anyways, I never really followed through with this challenge, so I decided to reboot it. Each month I’m hoping to “Travel through history one book at a time.” Whether it’s non-fiction, or fiction it doesn’t matter.

For August I want to either reread The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Or Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Most likely will do a twitter poll to see if the people will help me out. If not I might read both since many of the other books I’ve read so far have been trash. 2016 is not my book year lol. If

If you like to join or think this idea can be expanded on…feel free and let me know. Just link back to my blog. Thanks.

Sidenote: When I say “Travel Through History One Book At A Time”, I don’t mean historical fiction only. It could be books 30 years and older. That’s all the requirements that I’ve set for myself.

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    1. Give it up for AP lit. Seriously the only class I really liked in school lol. I think I’m going to read Shadow first than Invisible Man cause I know that book is going to need all my attention.

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