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nThere is this book call All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood that getting all the praise and rave reviews on Goodreads and I don’t know why. The whole premise of the book deals with taboo and unconventional love. Look I’m by no means a prude. I have no problem with provocative and controversial things but this book is one I will not be reading.

I know what you’re thinking? How the hell can you rant and bash a book you haven’t even read yet? I’ll tell you how. I’m not for the bullshit. I’m not for the Lolita type of books. I’m not for the romanticizing of pedophilia. I don’t care how many of you say that All the Ugly and Wonderful Things isn’t anything like Lolita. I’m not for grown ass men developing feelings for a 13 yr old. I don’t care if this so called man waited until she was 18 yrs old to pursue these feelings. It’s nasty.

This book is on that Woody Allen, Roman Polanski type shit and I ain’t here for it. Basically, Wavy , the main character life is hell. Her parents ain’t shit. I’m talking crackhead meth dealing, trailer trash ain’t shit parents. So enters her savior, some dude name Kellen who is way, way older. From the reviews on Goodreads, this Kellen person decided to be the “adult” in her life and take care of her and lead her in the right direction. I would say a foster-parent type situation.

If that is the case, why the fuck are you developing feelings for this child? To me, this is the classic case of “grooming” and “conditioning” your victim. And all the reviewers that praise this book and gave it a great ratings are nasty bastards. I don’t care. This is one argument I will not change my mind on. Pedophilia is not love. It’s not something to be romanticized. Leakes

Seriously, one reviewer say that Kellen’s motivate is not in a sexual manner but out of compassion and loneliness. If you’re lonely and want to show compassion get a damn dog.

It’s been said that this book is not for everyone and I totally get that. I’m just ranting and telling you how I feel. This book feels like it romanticize pedophilia. I get Woody Allen vibes. For the younger followers, google Woody Allen. You’ll see all the controversy surrounding him and his marriage to his adopted daughter, turned wife. 

Back to the book. I don’t know if they got married but its been hinted that a relationship happened. How the far the relationship went, I have no idea. You have to ask someone that has read it. Either way….

AGAIN, I did NOTread this book. This is just my thoughts and opinions and how uncomfortable  I feel about this particular subject matter and this book. It all feels evil.

With this opinion piece I know I will offend some of my followers and that is alright. I might be totally wrong about this book but until someone I know and trust readS this filth and tell me otherwise. My opinion will stay the same.

As always, thanks for stopping by <3

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  1. “If you’re lonely and want to show compass get a damn dog.” Dead and gone lmfao

    There’s actually a couple of similarly themed books, so there really is an audience for these kinds of books.

    (Also I see your tweet regarding Asian lit! Definitely would recommend the works of Yasunari Kawabata (Snow Country), and Natsume Soseki’s works for a more contemporary/post-WWII look into Japan!)

    1. First off it’s supposed to be compassion but I guess my anger for the book hindered my grammar. Fixed it. And thank you for stopping by and reading.

      Also I don’t know why there are Lolita type books out there and people actually enjoy them. Just super creepy but….whatever.

      By the way thank you for the recommendation. Definitely will look it up and see what’s it all about.

  2. I’ve only read Lolita once and while I know its topic, I never really got that “eww” vibe from it – I just remember it being boring.

    Secretly, I like stories like that. I’m “fascinated” by Mary Kay Letourneau and shit like that. Please don’t ask me why because I couldn’t really tell you.

    But from this point of view – I just want to say that in no way does that makes me sic” or disgusting. Hell, I’ve liked Flowers in the Attic since I was about 10-11, and we know that’s about incest.

    In my defense – I think the only type of books that I’ve read like this are Lolita, Teach Me by R.A. Nelson, and the Flowers in the Attic series. It’s not something I purposely seek out to read, lol.

    I associate it with people who read erotica or the Fifty Shades of Grey blasphemy. They enjoy the stories but doesn’t mean they get turned on by it or have any interest in that type of kink in the bedroom.

    To each their own, and trust me – I’m not offended by your post, Sanovia. You’re an opinionated woman & I admire you for it! <3

    P.S. I looked at this book, and it does sound kind of ghetto.

    1. See this is what I love about the book community. We can all have different opinions and still be friendly. And I have to agree with you on 50 shades. That book was downright diabolic. There’s nothing wrong with BDSM but that author did a disservice for the community.

      Secondly, I remember reading Flowers in the Attic when I was younger as well as watching that movie all the time with my mom growing up. I don’t know what that said but I do watch that movie anytime it comes on. I mean that grandmother was ruthless. And the mother was weak sauce.

      So I guess it mostly the Lolita type books that make me uncomfortable. But if you decide to read All the Ugly and Wonderful Things I would love to hear your thoughts..

      P.S. I can’t believe you called the book ghetto lol

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