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In the age of plastic, I for one am tired of the whole Cinderella—extreme makeover that always seems to take place in YA. Particular in the fantasy genre. Like I said before in the title above—if a bitch is ugly let her stay ugly. Let’s be real for a moment. Not everyone is born or going to live up to society’s standard of beauty. Everyone is not going to be drop dead gorgeous, model ready.  So why is that every time I pick up a book the heroine is always “perfectly” beautiful (talking about you Celaena) or somewhere along the way, she under goes this drastic transformation?

To me, this says that all the work she’s done up to this point is invalid until she becomes beautified. That she couldn’t have her happy ending until she metamorphose from the ugly caterpillar into the butterfly. No one will respect and love her until that makeover happens.

 Look, I see enough build-a-bodies, from IG models to celebrities. They all look the same with their Bug’s Life, shaped like an ant looking ass. Can we please get some thigh injections? Cause this shit is ridiculous.

Yes it’s a joke


I say all of that because I don’t want to read about that all the time in my books. Why can’t a girl or guy whose is not the most attractive get the guy/girl? Why the set of rules? Isn’t there more important things than looks? Like personality, intelligence, whether or not this person has a sense of humor. How about whether the person you are attractive to isn’t a double DD douche bag. I’ve read some books where beauty outweighs integrity, compassion, and self-worth. What’s worse is that many of these books with this problem are written by female authors.  At least the ones I’ve read.

This should come as a shock but it’s not. Patriarchy, misogyny and sexism is still prevalent and something that we deal with every day. It’s so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we as women don’t even realize that we’re doing it. Like why are we still dealing with the double standard of being comfortable with our sexuality? Why is it that the number of partners a woman may have been with automatically makes her a slut? You know the 5 limit rule?

Taylor Swift is the perfect example. I may not like her and the shady shit she does, but I think its absolutely horrifying that she gets slut-shamed. She’s young and having fun. Let her be. When she is ready to finally settle down she will. But don’t attack her for being one with her sexuality.

But I digress. Cause that is another topic that could be a later date. I just want to make it known that I’m here was the girl that is not the most attractive. Who may have the flat-chest or the gap in her teeth. Who may have a scar running down her face. I’m here for the guy that is 5’5 and scrawny with the big nose.

I want to see characters with flaws. Not just on the emotional level but as well as the physical. But please. Please don’t let there be some miraculous transformation that takes place halfway through the book and ta-da, everything is better.

No let the character deal with the trials and tribulations. Let them find inner-peace and come to terms with the cards they were dealt. Let the character give the middle finger and tell everyone to kiss they ass because they are happy with who they are.

We have enough Kim-Ks look a-likes, which I don’t need to see in the books that I read.

PS. There are other hair colors beside red and golden, pale-ish blond hair. Enough already. Mousy brown hair girls have just as much fun as the other girls. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. I was actually going to say I think the makeover thing is more an issue in contemporary than in fantasy, but I agree with your point! I think it’s also particularly an issue in teen movies. I always imagine the scene in High School Musical where the artsy girl (Kelsey? I don’t remember her name actually) rips off her hat and glasses and shakes out her hair. It’s such a cliche scene. Hair up? Ugly. Glasses? Ugly. Curly hair? Ugly. Not only is there a transformation; it’s always to the same look: Straight hair (though I think beachy waves are the new trend), no glasses, hair down and long and flowing. And, yeah, probably blonde. If we’re going to have transformation scenes, can we at least celebrate the idea there are different ways to look beautiful? Why can’t the scene involve some chick chopping off her long hair and getting trendy glasses or something?

    1. To clarify, I’m not completely “anti” makeover. I can understand the impulse. If someone came up to me in high school and offered to help out with my frizzy hair and acne, I’d take them up on it. Many people do want to look “good” and teens generally want to fit in. So, I get movies like The Princess Diaries. Her curly hair was out of control and she didn’t like it herself. Fair enough. But, honestly, there are ways to make people “trendier” without giving everyone the same look. You can get a hair cut that’s better for curly hair. You can get glasses that are a better complement to your face. You don’t *have* to straighten it and get contacts.

      1. No I completely understand. I mean I’m not against makeover like that but I wish it would be done gradually instead of instantly. Let the character go through the ugly duckling phase before becoming the beautiful swan.

        Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Haha yes there are so many red heads and pale blond hair. Ugggh. Great post and I do hope to see more physical diversity in books soon! Not that I complain when characters are super hot but there definitely needs to be something new and fresh (and realistic) body types happening more in books. Great post and your titles always make me want to read them. lol!

    1. NoNoNo there’s nothing wrong with a super hot characters but like you said I was to see some physical diversity in the books. Hell I’m still hoping for the tall girl lol

  3. Man you have some of my favorite titles ever – but this is a great post! (Article? Essay? Opinion piece?) Most of the girls already start out somewhat attractive but then book takes it to the next level and makes them drop-dead gorgeous. Not to say I don’t enjoy a good makeover montage (I have been ruined by Princess Diaries, Miss Congeniality, etc) but it would be nice if they could’ve stayed themselves all throughout. Like stay stick thin, have actually matted and tangled hair!! Who cares!! (I think we know who does!!)

    Great post again <333

    1. Yes that is all I want from a book sometimes but no it’s like it’s the same formula used over and over again. And to be clear I don’t have a problem with makeovers, I just it would be done gradually instead BAM!, 2 pages later she’s the bell of the ball.

      Thank you for liking my titles and for stopping by.

  4. YES SO MUCH TRUTH. I read so much of this and it’s gotten to the point where I’m just like, “eNOUGH”. In the case of Celaena I see it as more of a femme fatale kind of deal, but still it’s really strange that all of these protags are super gorgeous right? It’s why I love Lada so much in And I Darken. She’s specifically written as not aesthetically pleasing but that girl still kicks ass and takes names so really who’s complaining?

    1. OMG, yes. Lada is so badass because she knows she’s not gifted in the beauty department but that doesn’t stop her from getting the respect that she wants and deserves. She’s like fuck it, Imma do me and one way or the other you mother fuckers are going to respect me.

  5. AMAZING POST! I get so tired of the heroines and protagonists having the best bodies – men and women. I think that’s why I like Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door – She’s not the cookie-cutter type. Mind you to be an assassin you probably do have to be fit, but I’d love to read a female human version of Kung Fu Panda. lol. I agree that we are still living in a male driven world that even today their preferences for beauty is ingrained in the women of our society. We think we are being more independent with more women in the higher levels of the workforce, but most of them are still styling themselves and acting with the male’s approval in their mind. I want to see in literature more REAL WOMEN. I read books as escapism and I enjoy in some books the perfect ideal body being portrayed, but there can be more realistic depictions of females. Not all books must have the same outrageous ‘perfections’. Not to mention I hate the manic-pixie stereotype as well.

    Whoa. #endrant


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