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I don’t know what gods or ancient deities we as a human race have offended but I know that I’m so over 2016. This year has been so shitty right from the beginning. Not to me personally but with all the bad and sad news you see daily, it’s just plain tiring. How many cities or countries will we have to pray for next?

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To make matters worse, the Republican nominee, Trump, isn’t helping with his xenophobic, misogynist, hateful rhetoric. Every time he talks, the racist come out to play. It’s like living in the twilight zone. You would think the world would be more kind and gentle, yet there are some that want to take the world back to 1862. Yeah “Make America Great Again” for the rich and white.

On top of that, shady Hillary is no better. As an American I’m at a lost for words. This is supposed to be a democracy but each and everyday some new scandal is popping up. Whether it’s the #DNCLeaks or Melania Trump stealing the First Lady’s speech, this year’s political season is a joke.


It truly makes me believe that my vote doesn’t count and it never has. I’m slowly loosing my faith in this system the same way I’ve already lose my faith in the justice system.

Yes, I’m talking about cops against american citizens. Particularly the black male citizen. Yeah, some might say it unfair to say that the cops are against the people but that is what it feels . I know there are good cops but in my eyes they are just as bad as the evil ones that senselessly kill unarmed civilians. Until they start to speak out on the injustice and the police brutality that seems to be running rampant I cannot think otherwise. Leakes

Now I might lose followers for that statement but it is what I feel at this very moment. Some might understand and some might think I’m full of shit. Either way, I know that when the events that happened last week and this week I was at the point where I want to take a break from white people. True shit.

Why anxiety was so high with worry that I wanted to shut myself from the world. That feeling as past, thank goodness and I know there are kind and good white people that can see and speak up about the bullshit that is happening. Hell, I’ve met many through the wonderful book blogging community via social media. So I know they are out there.

Maybe it was the hurt, anger and frustration of it all. To know that the color of my skin is still a problem for the few. To know that I will be judged, not by merits or my intelligence but the color of my dark brown beautiful skin. I have to remind myself that it’s 2016, not 1816 but certain cultures and people are dealing with the racist bullshit.

So, 2016, I need you to hurry on up and get the fuck out of my life. You’ve been nothing but bad news since you showed your ugly self.

Take away living legends, from Prince to David Bowie, to The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali. I would say you’ve done enough.

The world and it’s people would like to heal.

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2 thoughts on “DEAR 2016–YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF

  1. I share your pain and fear and anger. I know that you know this is temporary. We will win this fight, but it is taking a damn long time. Still, we’ll keep the faith.

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