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I don’t know about you but I look at 3 reviews (unless cover love is involved)before I know whether or not I want to read the book. The first review is from someone I know in the book community that has similar taste to me. I mean what better way to know if you’re actually going to buy or read a book than from someone you trust?

The second review I look at is a 3 star review because this is a middle of the road type of review. It tells you the good and the bad about the book. For me personally, I like to know what were some of the bad things that take place within the book. Whether it was riddled with clichés or stereotypes or if the writing isn’t up to par with want I’m used to. These are points I like to take into consideration when I’m about to purchase or borrow a book from the library.

The last review is a 2 review. This is where I get all the bad that is wrong with a book and I can weight it against all the good that I heard about said book. Now if the good out weights the bad than I’ll give the book a shot but if the bad out weights the good then it’s a no for me. Especially if it’s a genre that I really don’t fuck with—romance, contemporary…etc.

Now let me be clear if the  author is a problem or has said so pretty fucked up things then I’m not going to support you or buy your books.

As for the rest, I don’t look at 5 star reviews or 1 star reviews. Nine times out of 10 the five star reviews are bullshit. It’s either someone that really loves the author and is part of the fandom and repeatedly gives any books written by said author a 5 stars or the review is by another author so that automatically disqualifies what you have to say in my opinion. It’ rare to see a 5 star review that is genuine—so I pretty much leave those alone.

With the 1 star reviews I don’t bother to look at those because most often than not these types of reviews are hate reviews. What I mean by that is people that gives these sort of reviews hates or dislike the author for whatever reason or just want to be assholes and give a bad rating without reading the book. This very common on Goodreads. Yeah there are 1 stars that are honest about what is was that made them dislike the book in a way that deserved this rating but I don’t have time to shuffle through the junk reviews to fight them.

So that’s why I keep to a 3 Reviews minimum. I’ve been reading enough in my life to know whether a book is something that I want to read or not. Besides, I’m done with wasting my time on shitty books or books that never really captured my interest in the first place.

Well there you have it. My rambling thoughts.Do you have a minimum of reviews you look at or do you go into a book blind (sometimes I do but not all the time)? If so I would love to see what you have to said in the comments below.

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  1. I really love this idea! I stay away from 5-star reviews, too, because of what you said – they’re rarely truly sincere. Even I don’t hand out 5-star reviews all that often and I find books that I absolutely love. Those 1-star reviews are a joke, which most are DNF or filled with everything – I do mean everything – that’s wrong with the book, and not necessarily a good representation of the book itself.

    I usually do word of mouth. Rarely do I read reviews BEFORE I read the book. I try not to be dragged into the hype of things, too. Like so many people are ranting and raving about this book or that, and I’m over here reading some backlist shish from 2002, lol.

    1. That’s what I need to work on. Not getting into the hype of things but sometimes it’s way hard. And I love the idea of backlist books. People seem to forget about those books because the shiny new ones right in front of it.

      Most of the time if I DNF’d a book I give it two stars just to be fair. Unless the book was really bad in my opinion than it’s a one stars

      You should do some kind of monthly event where everyone reads backlogged books 2015 and down. I have plenty of backlist books I need to read lol

      1. What keeps me from getting into the hype of stuff is that a lot of stuff that people are all the raging over – isn’t my cup of tea. Like ACOTAR (?) and stuff like that. I fell into the Illuminae/Gemina and Nevernight hype, though, 😱

        That sounds like a really good idea, Sanovia! I think I might put together something like that. Gotta fine tune the details, of course. Kind of like ARC August but backlist stuff. You’re a genius!

  2. I love your method and use a similar one when reading an author for the first time. I’ll look at 4, 3, 2. Agree that 5’s are usually over-the-top & suspect. 1’s are exactly what you described. An I hate the author, the premise, or the very idea that this book exist. On Amazon, 1’s are where the confused put complaints about the shipping source, and I’ve seen 5’s where it was clear the reviewer had not read the book.

    1. Oh my goodness. The Amazon reviews always crack me up. Most don’t know what they’re talking about or like you said they’re confused. The 4,3,2 methods seems like the best option as to whether one want to read a book or not. Sometimes the word of mouth doesn’t do it for me or I’ve been burned with really bad recommendations.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is interesting! My process isn’t so complicated- I just don’t read indie books unless it’s been recommended to me. (It’s a bit harsh, but it’s the only way I can sift through things). I’m not really fussed about anything else.

      1. Yeah exactly- I’ve only had good experiences with indie books that have hit the big time, like the Martian! Exactly- a lot of them are so sloppy that they haven’t even been edited. And the ones that have been edited have huge issues with the plot :/ I know it’s a bit harsh, but I just want other people to test drive them first :p

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