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Spoilers! Spoilers!

Please don’t read if you don’t want to get spoiled by this season of OITNB. I have a lot to say and some people might not like it.

Here’s the thing. I only renewed my Netflix for OITNB. I was excited for this season especially since last season left with a sort of cliff hanger. It took me two days to get through season 4 and let me tell you I’m disappointed. Orange is the New Black is not fun anymore. I mean season 1 was funny, Chapman wasn’t as annoying and once it ended you were thrilled for the next season. You couldn’t wait until the next season started. I mean people started groups and hashtags just to talk about OITNB. After finishing this season I don’t feel that same enthusiasm I once felt with season 1.

I don’t know about you but the writing for season 4 felt like Law & Order—every plot and sub-plot was straight from the headlines. I get it, the producers probably wanted the audience to know that they care and are in the know. That they are paying attention to what’s going on in the world. I get that but I honestly was not expecting all the heaviness that this season was. From I Can’t Breathe, Eric Garner, to Black Lives Matter, I didn’t know if this was a show or a political protest.

When I’m watching TV or my favorite show I’m looking to get away from reality. There’s too much shitty stuff happening in the world, that I don’t want it to leak into my entertainment. If you must, let there be balance. Not all one-side. OITNB felt suffocating. By the end it was downright depressing and frustrating. Not to mention infuriating. I needed and was looking for a little be comedic relief. There hardly was any.

Secondly, and here is where the spoiler comes into play, I fucking pissed off what they did to Poussey. Didn’t we have this problem with the 100? Killing off lovable characters that happen to be Queer. Or characters of color in general. I talking about you Sleepy Hollow. Not only that, but Poussey was brown and Queer. On the show she was funny and lit up the screen with her infectious smile. So yes I’m upset. This seems to happen a lot on a number of TV shows lately and it’s heartbreaking to say the least.

The way she died was trigging as it was reminiscing of Eric Garner.

Other problems I had with Orange, was the way Doggett was sympathizing with her rapist. Like what the fuck. No. No. No. That’s not alright and I didn’t care for it. Seriously, the writers and producers must have been smoking if they thought, I as an audience member was going to change my mind about Doggett’s rapist. FUCK NO! The whole thing was weird. Like Stockholm weird. Wasn’t feeling it at all. I know I can’t be the only one who thinks this.

Now if you thought that was bad, well let me tell you the producers of the show wanted to show how institutionalize racism and corruption plays a part in the jailing system. Bring on Aryan Nation. Literally there was a race war brewing in Orange is the New Black (thanks to Chapman) and by that time I was done. I was zoned out of the show. Like I said before it wasn’t fun anymore.

I was hoping and praying Piper Chapman would die somewhere near the end of the show. That is how annoyed I was with her. While all the other cast of characters showed growth and development, Chapman was still Chapman. Are there people like her in prison? Cause she irked my nerves this whole season. To the point where I was skipping through her scenes. I don’t know if it was intentional on the writers part but I hope they rethink Piper part in the show because I for one don’t care for anymore and she is the main character of the show. Chapman is becoming a turn off.

For me this might be the last season I watch Orange. I have no urge to continue. Maybe when next year comes around and people say differently about season 5, until then I’m good. This season was dreary. Out of 13 episodes I only truly enjoyed the first 6 before it went to shit with all the racist and bigotry bullshit.

Again I understand that these issues need to be discussed but does it have to be discuss in entertainment? And if it does, does it have to be so heavy-handed?

Well these are my thoughts and opinion and I’m sure many will enjoy Season 4 of Orange is the New Black and I’m glad. It’s just for me it wasn’t the best.

As always, thanks for stopping by <3.

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