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It’s June and you know what that means.


Yes nothing but blue skies and sunshine. Vacationing at the beach or going on wild and crazy at the amusement park. It also mean eating yummy food while strolling the boardwalk. But for some of us June and summer means beach reads.

So here are some books I think you will enjoy while relaxing in the hot sun.

Creatyvebooks Summer Reads, book reviews, Books, Discussions,,First up is Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler. This book just screams summer. I mean look at that cover. Also it makes you want to visit the Cove as you read the slow and blossoming romance that blooms between Elyse and Christian. By the way I love the way Ockler switch script on the cliché of the “bad boy” aka “playboy”.  So different and refreshing. Highly recommend. 

*This book was on a previous list of mine but I need to read this book. It’s so good.



UP TO THIS POINTEIf you’re one of those people that don’t like the hot blazing sun as much, well I have a book that will surely cool you down. That’s my hope at least. I’m talking about Up to this Pointe by Jennifer Longo (review here). A cute coming-of-age book about Harper the aspiring ballerina who goes through a teenage crisis once her plan that she and her best friend don’t pan out. So she does what any teenager in her situation—she goes to the South Pole. If that doesn’t cool you off I don’t know what will. Plus there are cute baby penguins.


Blue by Lisa Glass--REVIEWFor the surfers and water lovers out there, do I have a book for you. Blue by Lisa Glass (review here). It’s a cute and fluffy surf-themed romance. So grab your surf board and catch some waves as you find out if Iris can figure out the mystery that Zeke, the talent and world class surfer while also dealing with her ex-boyfriend coming back in her life. She will surely be tested to the limit. Not only on the water but with her heart as well.



Yes the list is short but I’m not much of a contemporary read but I felt that these books were perfect for a day at the beach. Tell me what you think. Have you read any of these?

As always thanks for stopping by.

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