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Yeah I said it.

Fuck this book, the author and shame on Simon & Schuster for YOUNG READERS for thinking it was okay to greenlight this book. Seriously, was there anyone in that publishing house that thought, maybe this isn’t a good idea? And people wonder why we fight so hard for our #OwnVoices to be heard. Or why we push hashtags like #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Because of shit like this. I’m sorry but let’s face it and keep it real. The publishing industry is seeing the need for diversity as a trend instead of an important discussion that needs to be heard. It’s all about the green paper and how many books we can sell and make money from. The problem with that is, that 90% of the time it’s white authors writing books about diversity instead of going to the actually people that should be talking about diversity. Like give the black and brown authors a chance. The Latinas and Asians. The Indians and Muslims. Let their voices be heard.

Now before people get their panties in a bunch I will say that some white authors get it right but a majority of the time they write into the stereotypes. Still it’s a problem that needs to be fix. And fixed quickly. Also I will admit that I feel I don’t do enough to promote said diversity but I’m trying. I’m more aware of what I spend my money on when it comes to books. And I try to review as many diverse books on my blog as possible. It still is a struggle because I find myself falling in the trap of trying to quickly review the popular books first.

Anyways if you haven’t notice I didn’t read this. I’m not going to read this book. This book doesn’t even come out into next year but I already hate it. I hope it actually get cancelled. I hope it gets shelved because we don’t need that type of bs muddy the waters. We have Donald Trump to deal with. We don’t need a book also promoting hate and misconceptions into the atmosphere.

I believe if we complain enough it can and will happen. Let’s get this book canned.

P.S. I don’t want to hear anything about free speech. Yes free speech is a great thing but I draw the line at hate speech and I feel this book is nothing but hate. Read the blurb if you don’t believe me.

As always thanks for stopping by. <3

Are there any books your would like to say fuck you to?

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  1. I know this book has been all over Twitter recently and for good reason. It’s a massive stereotype of the worst kind. I would hate to think of someone wanting to see their race represented in books and that’s what comes up.

    I actually had a discussion with my mom about whether they would pull this book from publication and she said “why? people have published offensive books before, and will after this one.” And I can’t help but agree. But as a blogger I hope to do my part but refusing to review it, even if only to see how terrible it actually is. And otherwise continue to support books diverse books.

    1. Yeah your mom is probably right but it’s sad that in 2016 this sort of bs is published into the world. Especially for young readers. I honestly don’t know what S&S was thinking when greenlighting this project. We already have Trump and his hate-filled rhetoric to deal with.

      1. It is really sad. The whole Trump thing has started to make things feel as if we’re going backwards instead of forward. I think S&S was thinking ‘controversy sells’ and I hope that they aren’t right.

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