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This is supposed to be a Top Ten but I’m going with 5 because 1) I don’t remember that many books that I changed my mind about and 2) That’s just too much for me to write up. Yes, at time I’m lazy as hell.

Anyways this is a Top Ten Tuesday that I wanted to do. So here are 5 books that I feel differently about after time has passed. Oh before I forget this is a weekly event that is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


First book up has to be Jim Butcher’s The Aeronauts Windlass. When I was first reading this I thought it was okay for what it is and I gave it 3 stars but has time passes I realize that I truly enjoy this book and I can’t wait until the next one comes out. I need to change my rating to 4 stars.


So after reading that hot ass mess of a book Glass Sword by the same author (review here), I willing to change my rating from 2 stars to 2.5. I mean seriously, the Red Queen (review here)is a masterpiece compared to this Glass Sword.


Look I gave this book 3 stars when I first read but has time passes on I realize that I don’t really like this series at all. Even thought I plan on finishing it just to finish it. Okay I do love Crown of Midnight. It got a bit better than this book. I gave it 3 stars but I move that down to 2 stars.


So I remember giving this book 4 happy stars but now that I think about it I was probably being generous with my rating. Thinking back to it, there were somethings that bothered me in this book. Also it was a little slow and boring at times. So I would most definitely rate it 3 stars if I did it all over again.


I had the pleasure of reading the ARC of this book before it came out and I truly enjoyed it. I gave it 4 stars but now that I’m re-reading it at this very moment I forgot how much I fucking love this book and characters. Changing it to 5 motherfucking stars. Also I need to do a review for this. I thought I did…lol

Well there you have it my friends. 5 books that I think differently as time has passed.

Are there any books that you feel differently about? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I ended up DNFing Red Queen. I thought it was exciting in the beginning but then I realized I literally didn’t care about any of the characters. If ANY of them died, I wouldn’t care. It took me a whole month to read not even half the book, so needless to say, I gave up.

    1. Hahaha. I don’t know why I found your comment funny but I did. Yeah I didn’t care for any of the characters either. We can both agree that this book isn’t the best.

  2. I think I had the same reaction to Red Queen after reading Glass Sword. I ended up rating both of them 3 stars for ‘meh-ness’. But after all those numerous scenes of Mare being a little too ‘woe is me’ in Glass Sword, Red Queen seemed much better. Though I will say I didn’t care when anyone died in first book and I was sad about the ‘main’ death in second.

    1. Yes this whole series as a whole is a hot mess. I mean the plot was all over the place and had many holes plus I couldn’t get pass the ‘meh-ness’ of the writing. Yes I took your word lol.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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