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Dear YA,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for complaining about you so much. I’m sorry that I put you down at times. I’m sorry that I expect so much from you. I’m sorry for bitching and moaning about you 33% of the time. Yes I know that’s such an odd number but it true. I’m sorry for all of these things.

In all honesty, I know that I’m not your targeted audience but I love you just the same even though there are times when I want to wring your neck. But I, as an adult must remember that you are written with teenagers in mind. Not grown ass adult that have lived there lives already and are pretty much pass the high school phase of life. Well there are some that have not gotten out that phase in life but you know what I mean.

So forgive me when I rolled my eyes and whine about the constant romance within your pages. Or grumble about this book being too angst-y. Or how the protagonist is too immature for my liking. Forgive me when I read you through my adult eyes and nit-pick at every nuance that irks my soul.

It’s not your fault. Okay maybe a little bit because you do have some books that are a total dud or just plain trash but know that I enjoy a majority of your books and they always bring a smile upon my face. Your books are the ones to get me out of my bleak moods that happen often, for I deal with depression. So, I thank you for being there even if we have differences of opinion every now and again.

And if I didn’t say it enough, I’m sorry for being so hard on you. It’s only because I know the potential that you have for greatest.


Sanovia aka Creatyvebooks

An avid reader and bitchtastic blogger


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  1. Don’t apologize. I read your recent rant and it’s okay to feel that way. Sometimes it does feel like there is too much romance or too much angst. Sometimes books are written for a younger audience than me (28) so I have to remember that. And I have to remember that was how I felt at 17. <3

    1. Ha! I guess you’re right. I must remember at one point in my life I felt this way as a teenager. But somethings reading YA can be cringe inducing lol.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Oh I loved this. It’s exactly how I feel when I read YA. Not all mind you, just some. And it’s so bloody exhausting isn’t it. Like the world is ending, could you try not to check out that cute guy right now and focus on staying alive? But then it’s super fun so I suppose it’s worth it.

    1. Yes exactly! Saving the world is more important than getting that hot boy to kiss and flirt with. I’m just happy not all the YA books I read are like that.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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