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creatyvebooks reviews, reviews, book reviews, discussionsTitle: Glass Sword

Series: Red Queen (Book 2)

Hardcover: 464 pages

Publisher: HarperTeen (February 9, 2016)

Rating: 0 stars

creatyvebooks reviews, reviews, book reviews, discussions

Alright I’ll admit that I really didn’t care for Red Queen but that doesn’t mean I won’t give an author another try. That’s exactly what I did when I went to the library and picked up Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. Good gracious this was horrible book. Honestly I don’t know where the author was going with this. It was a dull uninspiring dribble. Seriously, there was nothing exciting or of interest to keep me engaged in this book. To be frank this book felt rush and more of a money grab. You know cause the other book was so damn popular, I need to keep that cash flow sort of thing. The Glass Sword is 400 pgs of absolute nothing.

Once again we have Mare the main character being a complete annoying nitwit and at times bullhead. Like does this girl ever think before she throws herself into dangerous situation? Also, I have a problem with Mare as a character in general. She is just one-dimensional and flat. She alone can’t hold this series. Too bad the secondary characters are no better. There was no sort of development between book and this one. I hate to say but the Glass Sword is a giant step backward. The writing in this book is what one would except in book one. You know when the author is trying to see where this series is heading and it might be full some mistakes but by book two it’s all fleshed out and headed in the right direction.  

Well that didn’t happen. You will read a 400 page book that flounders around aimless, about some mission that Mare must go on and something about children dying and Mare wanting revenge yet she goes about it stupidly because the bitch should have been dead in the first 200 pgs. Anyways this book is a sad excuse for a sequel. It was lackluster and without heart.

It could have been so much more but with the horrendous dialog and shitty plot it’s a no for me dawg. I mean don’t be wishy-washy. If Mare is supposed to turn in a villain then let her be that villain. That would be so fucking awesome. That would be a development in the right direction. Something unexpected. Something so desperately needed in YA. I mean how many books are there about the protagonist turning into the anti-hero/villain? Not many that’s for sure.

It’s safe to say that I will not be continuing this series. Not matter how popular it seems to be (how?). But if you’re interested in a mediocre attempt at fantasy and don’t care about character development I highly recommend Glass Sword.


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  1. I read Red Queen and found it frustrating. The book had the makings of an epic story that was never realized. Too many things happen by chance, and characters didn’t always make decisions that made sense. Not just bad decisions, decisions that didn’t make sense. The ending was jaw dropping and not in a good way. The book needed a serious edit and rewrite to fill logic holes and didn’t get it. I wondered what the second book would be like, because the story usually begins to fall apart there in a series. Thanks for the review. I won’t have to try this one.

    1. Say I had the same problem with the inconsistencies. That is what really irked me about Red Queen. That and the many plot holes. But after reading Glass Sword, Red Queen is like a 5 star read.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I’m so glad I read this review. I wasn’t overly excited about book one, but I was willing to give book two a try. I was even considering buying it this weekend. Now I think I’ll wait for the library to get it in, or just pass.

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