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It’s February 3rd and I’m happy and excited to announce that A MONTH OF INDIES is happening. If you don’t know I started this last year as a way to help and support independent authors out there. I can say with pride that it was a success but there is always room for improvement. Good thing Vivian of BeauteDeLivres is on board to help this time around. I can’t stress enough how fucking amazing this person is, because she is. Go and give her a follow. You won’t be disappointed.

Now back to A MONTH OF INDIES.

As I’ve said before I want to do my part in helping to support indie authors. Look, let’s be real. We all know how hard it is for indie authors to compete with the popular and more known authors out there. Especially, when they have a big publishing company backing them and massive amount of promo surrounding their books. That’s where we the readers and bloggers come into play. It’s our job to help and spread the word—whether it’s through social media, writing a review on a major book retailer site, or doing a giveaway, all this thing benefit the indie author in the long run.

So I’m here today asking if you want to be part of the revolution…..Okay that’s a bit too much but seriously, if you’re interested in helping your favorite indie author get the recognition s/he deserves, come on board and celebrate A MONTH OF INDIES with me. The more the merrier I say.

All you have to do is fill out the google doc form below. Also if you know any bloggers that might be interested in this please point them in this directions.

As always thanks for your time in reading what I have to say  <3

BLOGGERS FORM: http://goo.gl/forms/fu9aD1SrSS

AUTHORS FROM: http://goo.gl/forms/g2SBMiFD9z

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