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So apparently I suck as a weekend reader. I only managed to read three out of the five books. Nowhere near the 7 I was hoping for. Oh well there is always the next weekend and the weekend after that.

In other news I’m over this damn snow already. Nobody got time for 26 inches. Like what the fuck. If you don’t know I hate the snow and cold weather. Spring and Fall baby. Spring and Fall. On a good note the pup loved the snow until he got cold. Which is a good thing I guess.

Other random thoughts you need to know is that you need to watch Wentworth on Netflix. If you are a fan of Orange is the New Black you will love Wentworth. It’s more grittier, darker and more intense than OITNB. I highly recommend you give it a try.

One more thing before I go, I’ve noticed that I’m reading far more contemporaries this year than fantasy. Blame YA for my lack of interest in fantasy. I’ll be writing a post on that this coming week. Also look out for my reviews on the three books I’ve this weekend.

Anyway that’s a wrap.

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2 thoughts on “RANDOM POST SUNDAY

  1. aah only three?? Still more than I could do in a weekend tho haha. I’m very slow and easily distracted. That show looks really good actually O_O I’ll have to check it out *adds to my never ending queue* NOW ONTO THE SNOW! I am a southern girl annddd we got some powdered sugar snow that melted by lunch time -_- so I kind of wish we had 28 inches of snow! I’ve seen snow about 5 times in my life and I require more asdfl
    Love the ransom sunday post! 😉 You should do more of these!

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