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So I read this amazing book called The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry all thanks to Vivian over at Beauté De Livres. She has a beautiful review on The Air He Breathes. You should check out her review–beautedelivres.com/2015/09/25/release-blitz-the-air-he-breathes/

Now you all know I don’t read New Adult or Romance because….well I’m heartless. No seriously it’s just not my genre of choice. So when I saw that gorgeous cover with that sexy man on it I had to know what the book was about. Not only did the synopsis piqued my interest but it was only $0.99 on Amazon. So you know…automatic buy. I didn’t plan on reading the book right then and there but once I did I was hooked. Or maybe I should say gutted through my entire soul and being. Anyways, without further ado here you go.


1) Nervousness– Well I don’t know if this is considered an emotion or more of a feeling but I’m sticking with it. Yes going into this book I felt nervous. Why do you ask? Well, knowing me I didn’t have high hopes and I thought The Air He Breathes would be one of those cliché, over the top dramatic romances with nothing but sex to fill in a story that lacks any real storyline/plot. I was nervous that I wasted $0.99 on an e-book.

2) Sadness-Yes the coldhearted queen felt sadness while reading The Air He Breathes. Without giving away too much of the plot I will say that the Prologue of the book pretty much sets the reader up for what this book is about. Loss and Grief and the ways  people deal with them in their own way.

No soulmate leaves the world alone; they always take a piece of their other half along with them.

3) Frustration– Again I don’t know if this is an emotion or a feeling but I’m sticking with it. The reason why I felt frustration is because of Tristan. He was an complete asshole and jerk in the beginning of the book. Although he had good reasons (which you need to read the book to find out) I just didn’t want him to be that way. He’s just too damn sexy to be acting like an ass.

4) Joy– Emma is the reason for my joy. She is so adorable and precious and just light up a room anytime she is around. She was a shining light through all the darkness and grey fog that is present in The Air He Breathes.


5) Affection– This might sound strange but the reason that I felt affection is because of Faye. She is the best friend that we all wish we had. Not only is she funny as fuck but she tell you like she means it. Blunt with no filter. And even though she has this tough outer shell she is a woman that wants to feel love but is too afraid to get hurt.

I mean, I get it–it feels good, you know? Being in love. being happy….But when that magical rug is ripped out from under you, it takes all the happy and good feelings with it. And you heart?….It shatters into a million pieces, leaving you numb, blankly staring at the pieces because all your free, all common sense you once had in your life is gone. You gave up everything for this bullshit thing called love, and now you’re just destroyed.

6) Shame– Yes I said shame and the reason being is because I should not have loved this book the way that I did. And still do. I’m the cold hearted queen and I don’t get all weepy. And I certainly don’t do romance, adult novels. But I did and I fell in love with the characters and this book. Don’t worry my heart is still encased in ice it’s just that a small part has been chipped away.

7) Fear– So by now I’m into this book. My heart is fully invested in these characters and I’m wanting everything to go well but it seems like obstacles after obstacles keeps getting in the way. In the words of OUAT: “Everybody deserves a happy ending.” I may have paraphrased that but you get my meaning. There was fear that the happy ending wouldn’t happen.


8) Anxiety– With fear comes Anxiety and I had an abundance. And this all has to do with the fact that I thought Tristan and Elizabeth were going to be broken and ruined forever by their grief for their love ones.

9) Anger– Yes anger towards that bastard Tanner. That motherfucker needs to get strung up my his balls, slathered in honey with fire ants stinging the hell out of his trifling ass. Man I could not stand him from the moment his ass made an appearance in the books. Just thinking about him is giving me rage.

10) Happiness– And all the feels in the world. I will just leave it at that because you need to read the book to understand why.

There you have it. Have you ever felt any unexpected emotions while reading a book? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. This book sounds so incredibly good and like something I’d love 🙂 but um… btw “That motherfucker needs to get strung up my his balls, slathered in honey with fire ants stinging the hell out of his trifling ass.” You’re officially one of my favorite reviewers now xD

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