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OMG GUYS, I feel like I’m already falling behind on my 2016 goals. So far I’ve only read 3 books and my Goodreads reading challenge is 200 books. On top of that I haven’t even begun to look for any YA/NA romance books. I will say that some of my followers gave me some good recommendations. Just having a hard time picking and choosing. Still I have a whole year to complete that challenge. Yet I feel soooooo behind.

And that brings me to this post. MY MOST ANTICPATED READS OF 2016. I’m late with this but I guess it better late than never. Not gonna lie but this list will be hella short. Not because I’m lazy but there aren’t that many books that interest me this year. Plus I’m trying not to get bogged down into the hype.

So here you go. Tell me what you think.

I will admit that I have arc envy for all those bloggers and readers that have gotten there hands on an early copy. I mean I’m literally dying to read this book. If anybody has read The Star-Touched Queen let me know how fantastic and wonderful it is.

Or maybe not…..I don’t know. All I know is that I want to read this one sooooo freaking bad. Plus the author is the sweetest person ever.

If you been following me you know my love for this series as well as the author. I’ve a fan of the Storm Siren series since the beginning and I can’t wait to read how it end. At the same time I will be so sad to see this awesome series end. Plus gorgeous cover.

This one of those books that is gaining a lot of buzz so I’m a bit hesitant but I really want to read this one. The premise sounds amazing. I just hope that it is executed well in the end. Plus, I can’t help but to love this cover. It’s so beautiful.

First time I saw the cover I immediately fell in love with the book. Beyond the beautiful cover I really enjoy Stacey Lee’s writing. Under the Painted Sky is a book everyone should read. Full of diversity and such a great read.

So I know Outrun the Moon will be just as phenomenal.

See I told you my list would be short. If anymore books capture my eye then I will add it to my list but so far these are the main ones that I want to read badly and add to my shelf.


Since I don’t want to do a whole post about this I will add it to this one. Besides I’m pretty late with this so here are my TOP 5 READS OF 2015

I had a hard time choosing so these two books take the top spot. First is The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. This book you must read. Is soooo fucking good. I literally read it in one day. If you only read one book in 2016 it should be this one.

Okay my friend and blogger buddy Vivian of Beaute De Livres is going to be shocked that this is also my number 1 read of 2015. I absolutely adore this book and Tristan because yes The Air He Breathes had me all in my feelings. I’m shocked at myself for how much I loved this damn book. Definitely a re-read for me.

There is no list without a book by Mary Weber on it so here you go. You guys know how much I love the Storm Siren series so it should come as no surprise that Siren’s Fury is up here. I’m just not so patiently waiting for the next and final on in the series. If you haven’t read a Mary Weber book you’re missing out on greatest.

I adore and I do mean adore the hell out of this book. It was soooooo good. Seriously, I had a smile on my face the entire time that I was reading The Summer of Chasing Mermaids. It was such a unique story with a unique character. I highly recommend this book to all.

And my final great read of 2015 has to be Blood Ink Fire by Ashley Mansour. This book is everything and you need to get up on it. Such a phenomenal read and great story with great characters. Definitely re-reading this on this month.

Okay there you have it. Sorry for such a long post.

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8 thoughts on “2016 MOST ANTICIPATED READS + EXTRA

  1. Wow! 200 books! That’s really ambitious and to be honest, I’m jealous. I set my goal at 100 and still have no club if I’ll be able to make it to that. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for posting the books that are coming out, I’ve certainly added a few of them to my “to read” page. 🙂

    1. Yessss for Siren’s Song. I like need that book in my life. And I’m a fast reader plus Graphic Novels help lol.

      Good luck with your reading goal. Besides, children books count 🙂

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