This is not a review but more like a rant mixed with my thoughts and feelings. I honestly can’t write a review without being full of rage and anger.

I can’t seem to shake this book. It haunts me like a never-ending nightmare. It’s there, breathing down my neck. Watching and waiting. Taking me to a dark place. A place that I’m still struggling to get out of. Yet I keep having to tell myself that it’s only a book. It’s. Only. A. Fucking. Book.

I have nothing but rage and anger towards this book and others like it that romanticize and turns IT into something pink and fluffy. Cute and sappy. The IT I’m talking about is suicide and depression. Coming from personal experience, there is nothing romance or cute about suicide and depression. It’s bleak and all-consuming as you battle daily with those negative thoughts. Thoughts that tell you, you’re not good. That this is no point in living. That your family would be better off if you weren’t around. That everything would be better if you weren’t around.

I fight these thoughts on a daily basis and it’s no picnic but so how I manage. Yet reading All the Bright Places brought back those horrid feelings. I should have stopped but I kept going because I thought it would get better. You always want it to get better. Well it DIDN’T GET BETTER. There’s no brightness. There’s no light at the end of the dark tunnel. Just more darkness and bleakness.

This book is not. I repeat not for people, especially teens that are suicidal. There is not once ounce of hope within the pages of this book. I can’t recommend this no matter how many rave reviews it gets from people.

For the record I’ve read other books dealing with suicide and depression but none have ever affected me the way All the Bright Places has.

Again I must state this is not a review but just my thoughts and feelings about this book.

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2 thoughts on “IT'S JUST A BOOK

    1. I would say you shouldn’t be anxious to read this. It’s just for some reason this book took me to a dark place. I’m usually fine with books that deal with depression.

      Go ahead and read it. You might feel differently than me.

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