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Once again this post is not book related but it still has to do with my month of Terrorween. Yes if you have been paying attention you will have noticed that I’ve done nothing buy post Halloween related posts. Whether it was reviews for spooky YA or lists for my favorite TV horror shows. This post is no different. Except that it’s a confession more than a recommendation.

So you all know I love, love ,love all things creepy and scary. Books, movies, TV Shows…etc. I can’t get enough of it even though most movies and books don’t live up to my high expectation on the horror factor. Still I must confess that there are two movies that really creep me the fuck out and I won’t ever watch them again unless someone is watching them with me with the lights on. Yes people you’ve heard right. I’m actually freaked out about these movies.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What movies could be so bad that they scare me. The Queen of horror movies. Well dear followers if you  must know, the two movies in question are…..

The Fourth Kind


Dark Skies

Okay so both movies are about aliens and I don’t know if that really counts as horror but damnit these movies are just creepy as fuck and I can’t watch them by myself. First off, The Fourth Kind and that creepy ass barn owl is just….nope. I don’t like it. Secondly, I know this movie is crappy as hell but I think it’s the music that gets me every time. Seriously, I’m getting freaked out just by writing about this. So weird. Anyways, after I finished watching The Fourth Kind I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking that damn white owl was going to land on my windowsill. Stupid I know.

As for Dark Skies, it’s pretty much The Fourth Kind with kids. Again this movie is creepy for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the fact that the boy eyes rolled into the back of his head. Or the creepy music or the fact that there’s something about aliens abducting people. Do aliens exist. I don’t know but it’s hard to believe we are the only species in the entire galaxy. Either way these movies are freaky and creepy.

Yes I’ve used creepy a lot but that is what I felt while watching these movies.

Do you agree? Are there any movies that you simply can’t watched because they freak you out too much? If so please let me know in the comments below.

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