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Add some spice to your reading moment!

Hello everyone! I’m Mel from Dat Little Blog and today I’m briefly taking over CreatyveBooks. Sanovia very nicely asked me if I wanted to write a guest post, and I happily accepted 😁

As book lovers, I think we can all agree on something: give us a book and we’ll be happy. I’m not denying it. A book, a story, a world is all we need to feel warm and at peace. There’s nothing better than staying in your bed and read all day on a grey and rainy day. But there are ways to make our reading experience… Well… Better, if such a thing can happen. And here I am going to list some of these awesome stuff that we can do πŸ“š

πŸ“— warm and cosy, you said?

Reading a book is amazing, but do you know which is more amazing? Reading a book in bed, under your sheets, or in comfortably sat in your favourite chair. That is just soooo perfect. Especially on a cold rainy day; while everyone’s getting ready to go to school or work, you, on the other hand, are curled in your bed reading a marvelous book. πŸ‘

photo credits: me/my instagram

πŸ“˜ a drink maybe?

You’re comfortably nested in your bed/chair. Do you know what would make it all better? A nice cup of tea/coffee or a super duper nice drink. And why not add some biscuits or a piece of cake to accompany you?

photo credits: me/my instagram

πŸ“™ music anyone?

I’m not saying that everyone should listen to some music while reading. You are free not to. But I do listen to music while I read most of the time and it’s amazibg how sometimes a song can fit petfectly at a certain moment in a book. And in this particular moment you can already imagine making a playlist for each of your book and you will rapidly find this very interesting to make.

photo credits: me/my instagram

πŸ“™ has someone said β€œbookmarks”?

I cannot live without bookmarks. For me, when you are reading, especially a tangible book (that is, not an e book), it is essential to be armed with bookmarks and sticky notes. Instead of copying an amazing quote from a certain book, I’ll just stick one of those colourful memo things and TA-DAA! The magic has operated. Plus, having a book entirely tabbed makes me feel studious πŸ˜€

mellie_4 mellie_3

Photo credits: me

πŸ“˜ and finally, enjoy your reading time!

There’s nothing better than to read your book peacefully, in your little comfort zone; to jump head on into a wonderful magical world, and learn new things. On this nice note, I pen off! I hope you enjoyed this little post; writing it was so much fun!

Photo credits: me/my instagram
Photo credits: me/my instagram


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