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Hardcover: 464 pages

Publisher: HarperTeen (September 15, 2015)

Genre: Fiction/YA/Fantasy

Rating: 2 stars

Cover rating: <3 <3


The tale of Cinderella has been retold countless times. But what you know is not the true story. Sarah Prineas’s bold fairy-tale retelling is a dark and captivating world where swords are more fitting than slippers, young shoemakers are just as striking as princes, and a heroine is more than ready to rescue herself before the clock strikes midnight.

Pin has no recollection of who she is or how she got to the Godmother’s fortress. She only knows that she is a Seamstress, working day in and out to make ball gowns fit for fairy tales. But she longs to forsake her backbreaking servitude and dares to escape with the brave young Shoemaker.

Pin isn’t free for long before she’s captured again and forced to live the new life the Godmother chooses for her—a fairy-tale story, complete with a charming prince—instead of finding her own happily ever after.

When the glass slipper just doesn’t fit . . .


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I’m going to keep this short and sweet because not only was this book a waste of my fucking time but it was a confusing piece of shit. Yes this book has me 17 types of fucked up and not in a good way.


For those who don’t know, Ash & Bramble is a Cinderella retelling and it’s a bad one. First it’s slow as hell with nothing really happening until the maybe halfway through. On top of that it’s confusing with a very convoluted plot that really doesn’t get answered at any point in the book. Everything is simply taken at face value and we the readers are supposed to be okay with that. I’m not. I need answers.

Secondly, while the characters of Shoe and Pin (authors with these horrible names) are not bad they could have been better. Personally, they weren’t developed to my liking. It took way too long for me as a reader to get a real feel for them. For their personalities to come through on paper. A majority of the time they fell flat and two dimensional.

As for the world building…..well there isn’t any. I’m the type of person that likes a little description. You need to set the scene so I can imagine this place that you’ve worked so hard to come to life. In Ash & Bramble it just didn’t happen. I was lost and confused in a fog of disappointed. I really didn’t get or understand the magic system and the author never really bothered to explain.

Another thing that bugged me is the instalove. This has to be the most terrible instalove in a book I’ve read in a long time. I mean it’s full on I love you after meeting with you and staring deeply into your eyes after like a few pages in.

Gag me with a spoon.

REALLY? (CREATYVEBOOKS.COM)Now even though I’ve said all of these horrible things the book did have promise. It was more darker than most Cinderella retellings I’ve read and the concept sounds so fucking awesome and this is the reason that I’ve requested this book. Sadly, it didn’t pan out well for me.

So would I recommend this book to people? Yes and no. While I like the darker undertones that take place within Ash & Bramble I can’t get pass the holes that pretty much destroy the plot. Plus instalove. I’m not all that romantic so that is why this is a problem for me but I know some people that love love and might find the romance within this book delightful. So yeah give Ash & Bramble a try but don’t expect too much out of this retelling.

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  1. Ah man, you crack me up forreal! But you’re not the only person who has negative reviews for this book. I do like my re-tellings to be dark, because HELLO you know I love that, but come on YA more insta-love? Why are authors so incapable of creating a slow-burn romance? BLAH. I wasn’t going to pick this up, mainly because it didn’t grab my attention, so now I know to stay far, far away.

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