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What in the flying fuck? I made it ya’ll. It’s been one whole year since I started this journey into blogging and you still don’t know shit about me.

Hi, my name is Sanovia and I’m the one who runs this chaotic and unorganized blog. There you have it. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Not much of a talker. More of a rambler so bear with me as I get my thoughts together on how I feel about this moment


Emma Stone does a wonderful job of conveying all the emotions that I feel might now. No seriously, this has been an awesome year. I learned somethings and I’m still learning something. Hell I’m a newbie not a fucking expert.

So my blog will be filled with one to two book reviews at a time. I will randomly forget to blog about something but that’s okay because this isn’t my job. Just something that I do for fun. And along the way I get some nice perps. You know ARCs and interviews with amazing authors and shit like that.

For the record I’m not too cool for school even though this post might seem like I’m an arrogant ass. I promise I’m not. Just don’t know what to say except that….I FUCKING MADE IT YA’LL.

Gah, I sound like some underground rapper that finally made it big.

Anyways, moving right along because there are some people that I need to shout out.

As you know in the blogosphere there is this community of fantastic people and I happen to made friends with some them via social media so it’s only fair to thank them.

Starting with my girl Tika over at Fangirl Confessions . This chick is hella funny and her reviews are always on point. She may not know this but I’ve learned so much from her. Seriously, her hustle game is sick.

Now Vivian of Beautè De Livres is my night time chat buddy on Twitter. I can talk to her about random shit and she doesn’t mind. Also she has me reading grown up books. Get your minds out of the gutters you pervs.

Sasha of Just Your Average Book Blog is one of the most honest bloggers I know. She’s not afraid to tell how she feels about a book which I find refreshing. Always look forward to her reviews. As well as her daily quotes.

Can’t have  this post if I didn’t mention Nori of ReadWritelove28. She was the very first book blogger I got to know via Instagram and Twitter. Hell she was my first giveaway winner.  Nori is one of the sweetest person you will get to know. Plus she does this #RQWN on twitter that is all the rage. Check it out sometime. So much fun and you get to meet some like-minded people that are just as obsessed with books as you are.

Another great blogger that I follow and who I think is a wonderful person is Sarah from The YA Book Traveler. Love her reviews and her awesome personality. Such a great person inside and out.

Last but not least is Tamara over at Traveling with T. There aren’t enough words to explain how much I have learned from this beautiful person. She is a phenomenal blogger with a plethora of knowledge. Secretly I want to be her. She knows how to get things done and her chats with various bestselling authors are fun and insightful. Like I said, I’ve learned a lot from her. Maybe one date I will hold my own twitter chat.

Now even though this list is short it doesn’t negate all the people that I’ve met in the blogging community. Including some authors that I like to think of as rock stars. Too many to name but just know that I appreciate all the hard work they put in the books that take me away from my shitty reality.

Before I leave, it wouldn’t be a blogoversary without a giveaway. I could have did a giveaway of pre-ordered books or just books in general but there are just too many good ones out there so I will leave that choice to you my dear followers. Because without you this wouldn’t be possible. So a $50 Amazon Giftcard it is. Or $50 worth of books from Book Depository if you are outside the US.

That big click here sign will lead to you the rafflecopter. Good luck to all that enters.


As always thanks for stopping by and hanging with for a whole year. I hope you all stick with me for another year. And to all the authors out there….YOU ROCK!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary!
    I tried the button to your giveaway, and I wasn’t able to follow the link. Is there a different way I can access your giveaway? Thanks!

  2. WE MADE IT MAN! I honestly had no clue we started blogging around the same time! Just your presence alone had me thinking you were atleast 2 years in! Congratulations girl! You deserve all the praise because your reviews are honest, CUT THROAT, (yes I said it, your ass is crazy and you know it lol) and just so damn funny! I love that I can come here and expect to really know how a book was, no matter how popular or unknown the author is. That’s what keeping it real is always about girl, and you def do that and more. & even though I’m late, the party doesn’t start until I show up anyway lol, so HAPPY 1st BLOGOVERSY! (how tf did you spell that anyway?) Here’s to wishing we both have many more!Thank you for the giveaway boo 🙂

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