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Yes September is finally here. Not only is it the month that I was born in (September 11) but it’s also hello septemberthe month of change. Starting this month I will be making an effort of what I read and review. That includes making more diverse choices. Something that seems to be lacking when it comes to my blog. Plus, I haven’t feel like myself in a long time. I feel like I was conforming to what everybody else wanted. Including reading and reviewing the same damn books. That’s not me. I need to be myself and go against the grain. I might lose followers but that’s alright. As long as I’m happy doing what feels right, everything will be A-Okay.

Now that I got that out of the way here is what you can expect with the new and improved Creatyvebooks. So you already know about the Diversity and how I wish to incorporate more into my blog but I’m also glad to announce Author Guest Posting on my blog. This is new territory for me. I’ve haven’t done any except for one which was Laura Templeton. She did a great post on diversity in literature. A must read. Click here to read the post in it’s entirety. So good.

The author guest posting will be called ADVICE FROM AN INDIE AUTHOR. This is another way for me to show my support to the indie community but also the writing community. Most people read books for their enjoyment and then there are those that read and wish to be writers. To be the next be big. To get published and see their work in print. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to get picked up by the big publishing companies, so that is where independent publishing comes into play. Still, some people don’t know what to expect when taking the independent route. So with ADVICE FROM AN INDIE AUTHOR you will be able to get tips on how to overcome writer’s block or see what the pros and cons of going indie. Plus much, much more.

Also on the agenda is GUESS THAT BOOK. This will be a monthly giveaway that I will be sponsoring with my own money and I’m super excited for this. How this works is that I will leave random clues within some of my post that relates to a book that I’ve read. At the end of the month I will ask you the followers to GUESS THAT BOOK. The first to answer correctly in the comments will win a book of their choice (no more than $15). This will be opened internationally as long as Book Depository delivers to your area.

Moving right along. So I mentioned that I will be have author guesting posting on my blog I forgot to mention that I’m in the works to have bloggers as well. Not only will you the follower get introduced to some amazing bloggers but again this is away for me to show support to the blogging community. Over the year I’ve met and chatted with some wonderful people via social media and I just want to share love and show my support. Cause at the end of the day we are all book lovers, crafters, foodie…etc  that love what we do. Giving our opinions on things or teaching something new. As for what I will call this segment I have no idea but I’m thinking. And trust me it will be catchy.

Now I believe I forgot to tell you that in my support of Indie Authors I’m starting a tag called INDIE 365. This is a tag that I hope will make a full circle within in a year. If not I hope to introduce and be introduced to at least 365 independent authors. How this tag works is that I will start it off by tagging/nominating an indie author with 5 random questions. From there the author will answer and pass the torch to the next indie author with 5 random question of his or her choosing. Fun right. I hope everyone will join in the fun. If you know an indie author and think this is a cool idea, by all means use this tag. Just please link back to my site so I can find this amazing author you tagged/nominated.

To wrap everything up in a bow I will let you in this confusing mess of a mind. One will be my CREATYVEBOOKS CONFESSIONS. Let me tell you there are somethings that you won’t believe. In case you missed it this will be bookish related confessions. Second part to getting into my mind is what type of music I listen too. This will mostly like be a weekly or bi-weekly thing. My taste in music is random and eclectic. So SATURDAY JAMZ are coming your way.

Before I forget September is also the month of my one year blogaversy <——spell check please. So be on the lookout for a big ass giveaway coming your way. Can’t believe it will be almost a year since I started this journey. What an awesome journey is has been and will continue to be.

There you have it. Look at all the changes coming your way. I hope you stick with me through them all.

As always thank you for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment.

-Sanovia <3

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  1. Some people call it blogoversary, others blogiversary, so there.

    You are a Libran.

    It’s a nice plan I hope you gain more freedom and courage as you go along and enjoy interactions even more.

    My best wishes and happy birthday in advance ( I might miss!)

    Love and light <3


    1. No I’m a Virgo. 9/11 is my birthday which is always bittersweet. And thank you for the clarification. I get confuse with the lingo at times.

      And thanks for the early birthday wishes! 🙂

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