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It’s that time again. Another weekly round up coming your way. I must say that this week was fucking sweet. Especially for the book lover in me. What’s better than receiving new books? Nothing I tell you. Nothing.

Well if I hit the Powerball than I would be in heaven. Not only would I be rich and debt free but I could buy all the books that I want and make myself the biggest library of my dreams. Let’s face it that ain’t happening. Anyways I’m completely off point. This is about the awesome books I received.

Thank goodness for Edelweiss because without them I would not have received these awesome books.

E-arc--weekly round up, creatyvebooks.com

The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig is my favorite book of 2016 and it’s not even here yet. I mean the writing is fantastic. The characters are well developed and very likable and hard to forget. This is a book I highly recommend you get your hands on when it comes out.

Also if you can’t tell I by the look of the books–this girl loves fantasy. So you know I’m going to be a busy reader bee. But first the gamer in me is taking over. And the reason for that is my PS4. Yes last week I treated myself to an early birthday present so I haven’t got too much reading done and I don’t think I am thanks to this game right here.

Until Dawn, PS4, Gamer--weekly round up, creatyvebooks.com

Until Dawn is an intense, scary and just all around fucking amazing game. If you enjoyed Heavy Rain then you will definitely enjoyed this one. I mean damn near threw my controller across the room that is how intense the jump scares are. And I for one do not scare easily. So kudos to the game developers on this one. Sadly, only two survived Until Dawn. I hoping today I can let all 8 survive but I’m a little devious at times some who knows lol. Emily might get the boot again. If anybody has played this game knows what I mean.

Anyways, aside from some good reading and gaming I’ve been listening to some amazing music. One such artist is Jazmine Sullivan. Her album Reality Show is everything. My favorite song has to be Let it Burn. That’s my shit. Overall, the album is great. I have it on replay all the time. I wish Jasmine Sullivan got the recognition she deserves because is so talented and her voice is incredible. Don’t trust me listen for yourself.

So there you have it. Great music. Amazing books and so seriously intense gaming. Thanks for stopping by. Tell me what you think of Jazmine Sullivan. Is that song not everything? I highly suggest you listen to her whole album. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh before I forget please check out my Author Guest Post of Laura Templeton. She wrote an amazing piece on Diversity in literature. A must read.

Until next time.

-Sanovia <3

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