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Not much to say for this week except that it had it’s highs and lows. Oh by the way this the first time I ever did a weekly round up and that’s the reason why this is posted on Monday instead of Sunday. Yes I need to be a little bit more organized. Let’s see how that works out?

Anyway, lets start off with the highs. All food related in someway or another. Foodie here so that is a good thing in my book. I love to good and try new things. I’m adventurous in that sense. Naturally I was through the roof when my Try the World. For those of you that don’t know–Try the World is a bi-monthly¬†subscription box where you can taste and sample different food products from…..around the world. That can including cookies, seasonings and spices, as well as honeys and jams.

For me this Try the World is everything. Although it’s rather on the expensive side. I will definitely be going into more details with my review but let me tell you I tasted the sweetest and most delicious honey ever. This coming from someone that only buys to $2.00 honey at the supermarket. So I’m no expert but that honey was damn good.

Try the
The Purple jar is the honey

The second high of this week was from MunchPak. OMG!!!! This subscription box is a keeper. You will have to check out my review for this AH-MAZ-ING company tomorrow. Look for the Tasty Tuesdays post. Yup, that’s new. Told you I was trying new things and shaking shit up.

Now back to MunchPak. This company is the bomb and I have the proof to prove it. All my snacks are gone. Thanks to my fam. The greedy heffas lol. Let me just show you the before pics firsts. You can see the aftermath in tomorrow’s post. Damn right I promoting the shit out of my next post.


Yes to all the yummy goodness that this box represents.

Moving on to the downers of the week.

Allergies suck ass and they need to burn in the depths of hell. I hate having allergies. Pollen and grass and anything that flies in the air makes me sneeze. Makes my eyes itch like crazy. Sometimes I can’t breath because me nose is so stuffed up that the only thing to do is take medicine and sleep.

On top of that it makes me miserable and I can’t get work done which is reading and writing reviews and chatting it up via social media. Plus I need to go to the post office to mail some things but that’s not happening at the moment. No. Nada. That sucks big time.

Still with the allergies conundrum this week was fairly good. Let’s hope next week is even better.

P.S. if you noticed I didn’t mention any reading because I really didn’t get any done or it was bad and I don’t want to relive the horror.

As always thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment or feedback.

-Sanovia <3


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