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Here are 5 books that everybody wants to read but I’m in no rush to do so. Many of these books you may have heard of on Twitter or seen pictures of ARCs circulating on Instagram or simply through word of mouth. Plus there are a plethora of giveaways where if you’re lucky enough you can win a copy. Just have to know where to look. But I’m not here to tell you about giveaways. I’m here to tell you my I’m not falling for the hype anymore.

As a reader for more years than I can remember I’ve been one to want to read what everyone else was reading. Whether it was R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps or J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The latter when I was in my teenage years. So it should come to no surprise that most of my bookshelf is filled with books that I brought because of the HYPE.

Yes I got sucked into the HYPE of things like everyone else. One too many times. Thankful, I starting to see that there is no need to be like everyone else and read each and every book that everyone else is reading because they say it’s the greatest thing ever. Wished I learned this a long time ago, my bank account would love me better.

Blogging and reviewing has helped me come to this conclusion. Now I’m more aware of what books I wish to put on my shelf. What books I want to spend money. Whether or not it’s worth my time to read said book. Not letting myself be influenced by the masses. Also I’m more aware of the lack of diversity on my book shelf and with that awareness I can be more mindful of what I purchase. There’s so much literature that written by people that happen to be non-white. I would like to see the different perspectives.

Plus, it’s always good to help the little guys get some attention among the big names that seem to dominant the publishing companies. When I say this I’m talking about YA because that is what I read the most.

Since I’ve done enough babbling here are the 5 books that I will let the HYPE die down before I take the plunge and either buy these books or borrow from the library.

six of crows1. SIX OF CROWS–Can’t stop hearing about this book. No matter where I go on social media. No I’m not jealous I didn’t get an ARC. That’s an asinine reason to not want to read a book. The reason I’m no rush is because of the obsessive buzz (and mixed reviews) that is surrounding this particular one. History has shown most often than not if a book is hyped and talked about ad nauseam I tend to not have a good experience when reading. I guess I’m looking to be blown away since every body raves about this book and it rarely happens.


truthwitch2. TRUTHWITCH–I don’t even know what a Truthwitch is and honestly, I don’t really care. All I know is that this book doesn’t come out until 2016 and people are going crazy. I’ve seen fanart, videos, posters, giveaways upon giveaways and this obsessive need to be a Truthwitcher or Witchlander….forgive me because I forgot what the hell the group is called. Anyways the buzz is too much and with that comes high expectations. I don’t want to be disappointed.


allthebrightplaces3. ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES–Yes I know a shocker right? I heard nothing but great things about this book. That I would need tissues when I reading. That is has beautiful and people can’t stop talking about it. See that’s the thing. All these rave reviews have me scared. Scared that I’m not going to enjoy it like everyone else did. Same thing happen when I try reading IGYS. I think I will hold this book off until next year. Just to be on the safe side.


mirror king4. THE MIRROR KING–Even though I’ve read TOQ and it was a good read I’m hesitant to read this one. The buzz is slowly rising and on top of that this is the second in the series and you know what mean? SBS-better known as second book syndrome. Mind you I will read this one but I’m in no rush to pre-order of have as soon as it comes out.


Creatyvebooks summer reads5. THE WITCH HUNTER–Not going to lie. I was dying to read this book when it came out. I even requested for an ARC (denied) so I could review it. I even pre-ordered it but then I cancelled once I saw the mixed reviews and my enthusiasm went downhill from there. I still want to read but I’m waiting for the 99 cent kindle deal to come.


There you have it. 5 hyped books I’m in no rush to read. These are my opinions and stand by them. Some might disagree and that is quite alright. With that being said I not saying these authors are bad at writing or their books aren’t good because I have no right to say that since I haven’t read.  I’m just waiting until the right time to read them….next year or 2017.

As always thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment. Thanks!

-Sanovia <3


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    1. Well since you LOOOVED it I can push it up slightly on the list. The Witch Hunter is still a book I want read but just not as badly as before. Halloween is a great time for witches lol.

  1. I’ve noticed that, for the most part, I tend to agree with whatever you read. If you liked it, odds are I will like it. If you didn’t like it, odds are I won’t like it either. I usually look at your reviews first before picking it up. I don’t follow hype books either

    1. Wow. Thanks! At times I think my reviews can be harsh but there are the few that them. And I’m the same with your book reviews. If you say it not worth the time, I’m staying away. You saved me from reading We Were Liars. Almost got sucked in 😒

      1. Oh god, We Were Liars was craaaaaaaaaap. I still tell people to not read that book. It explained NOTHING. Your reviews are honest which I admire. I’d rather read a review that is painfully honest and save me a few days of reading than read a review that just says great things all the time every time.

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