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The Black Sheep of the book blogging world is back again. This time with books that I hated in some way or the other. Most likely these books will get all the praise and hype that they probably deserve but I just didn’t give a flying fuck about this books. Mind you these are all ARCs that I was lucky enough to receive through Edelweiss. These books are not out yet and I can’t really do a review but I just wanted to give my opinion, so I’m doing a Top 5 or ARCs that I’ve read that sucked in 2015.

*Because of this I’ll probably never receive another ARC again but I have to be honest. Fakery is not an option.

What the fuck

Ice like ashes1. FIRE LIKE ASHES. Yes I was so lucky to received this ARC copy via edelweiss that I immediately dropped everything to read this book. Not only was Snow Like Ashes one of my fav reads of 2014 but it was also one of the best YA fantasies that I’ve read in a long time. I’m sad to said that Fire Like Ashes sucked ass. It was so boring that I pretty much forced myself to read. I didn’t care for the characters. I didn’t care for the story. I didn’t care for the ending which kind of, sort of saves the book but not enough for me to like it. With that in mind I won’t be continuing with the series.

Dumplin by Julie Murphy2. DUMPLIN’. This book is suppose to be for all the thick chicks. The fat girls that are confident in their bodies and don’t give a fuck what people think. Well that blurb is a lie because through the entire book the MC cared about the way she looked. She was always comparing herself to this one and that. If she was really that bad bitch then she wouldn’t have to second guess herself. Plus I didn’t care for the romance. I honestly didn’t get it. I’ll explain in my review that’s to come. But let me say that I’m not say that thick chicks/Fat girls can’t have a relationship.

Walk on earth3. WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER. DNF this book. It was so dull and boring. I’m definitely the black sheep here because of all the reviews I’ve seen so far, everybody seems to gush over this book. Well nope this shit sucks. At times when descriptive details were needed, Rae Carson seem to forget. Secondly, I wasn’t feeling Lee’s character. This is my first and will be my last Rae Carson book.

Underneath4. UNDERNEATH EVERYTHING. I don’t get this book and all the praise that it’s receiving on Goodreads. One the MC is annoying as fuck. Two this book drags and drags and nothing really happens. I mean you have to damn near read close to 40% to get any where. I always here that you needed to hook your readers in the first few sentences. I don’t maybe things changed but this book sucked ass. Big time. Trash. With a capital T.

Awake by Natasha Preston5. AWAKE. This book is a totally let down. While I enjoyed reading Cellar by Natasha Preston I can’t say the same thing for Awake. This book is absolutely horrible. Bad writing. Terrible plot. Cliché is the name of the game. This was like reading a bad Lifetime movie and Lifetime be having some great movie. I think I DNF this bitch at 14%. That’s how bad this book was. It gets no love on Goodreads either so I don’t feel so bad.

Bring on the pitchforks if you must but these are my opinions and I’m sticking by them. This books could have been so much better but they weren’t and I didn’t like them. Two of those books hurt my heart because I had high hopes and was rooting for them but atlas you failed me.

Thoughts, comments you know what to do.

-Sanovia <3

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