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A Month of Indies Featured Author–Brenda J. Pierson

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A Month of Indies is coming to a close and I can say that this was such a fun and wonderful experience that I hope to do 6 month from now. I’ve met new authors and learned some new things and hopefully this event can be bigger and better. But I will let you know more about in my final post tomorrow. Today I bring to you the final author to be featured this month. Author Brenda J. Pierson. Writer of the Soul of the Blade. Guys she’s not only a fantastic and passionate person about her craft but she is also an amazing author. You should definitely give her books a try. Add them to your goodreads list…etc.

Brenda Pierson,Soul of the Blade

Aeo, assassin for the king of Arata, thought wielding the legendary Bok’Tarong would be the ultimate show of power. Instead, his soul has become trapped inside the enchanted sword, and his only means of contact with the world is a new bearer who despises him for his crimes. They are humanity’s only defense against the mind-eating parasites preying upon mankind, and the key to possibly destroying them forever. Doing so would mean putting their trust in new, dangerous allies … but if they fail, they’ll have to watch the world fall to the Coming Madness

No Hill Without Treasure, Brenda Pierson

The power to Create and the power to Destroy divide the magical world into Evantar and Varyah, good and evil. The two sides despise each other, eradicating their opposition at the first sign of contact. Tsenian Windrunner stumbles into this war in the worst possible way—he releases the Shahadán, monsters of congealed, half-sentient Destruction magic. His only hope of setting this monumental mistake right is to ally with Brinelle, a knight-priestess of Creation magic, and seek the fabled Remnants. These stones, imbued with pure Creation magic, are their best chance to stand against the Shahadán. Then Windrunner’s own magic begins to surface, and it isn’t Creation-based. It’s Destruction, angry and volatile, growing stronger with each passing day. But resisting the allure of Destruction magic, and convincing Brinelle he can do so, proves to be as much as a battle as anything the Shahadán can offer.


When it comes down tBrendao it, I’m just a nerd living her dream. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was six years old, and I started writing novels when I was 19.  I first published an anthology of urban fantasy short stories with Incandescent Phoenix Books in spring 2014 and my first epic fantasy novel, Soul of the Blade, followed last Halloween. Since then I’ve been hard at work on more novels and an anthology of solarpunk dragon short stories (which we’re still accepting submissions for, until July 31!). I love all things to do with fantasy, including Magic: The Gathering and Doctor Who and a slew of other ridiculously geeky hobbies. When I’m not writing I’m an avid gamer, massive bookworm, and crazy cat lady. Complete with crazy cat husband.

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