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Inside Out

I so took this tag from the lovely Sandra @Sandrathebookworm. I thought this was such a neat idea that I had to do it. By the way you should follow this blog if you’re not already. She super awesome people.

As for this tag, which is base on the fun and carefree movie Inside Out, you have to pick books that represents the five emotions. Easy enough. No?


So a book that brought me joy would have to be Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  Cath is me and I could relate to all the things that she was going through while starting a new chapter in her life. College is a scary thing especially when you’re introverted and extremely shy.


Anger. Well there are two…no three books that make me angry every time I see them in a bookstore or library and that would have to be Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Sorry but this book is full of racial stereotypes and prejudices that it is disgusting. The second would have to be We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach. Again filled with racial stereotypes, slut shaming and bunch more cringe worthy cliches. Just. No. The last has to be Mosquitoland by David Arnold. I’m so tired of authors not doing the proper research about PoC and other cultures. This book was offensive in so many ways. You can read  my reviews on all three.


I honestly don’t get sad or depress about books so I don’t know if this counts but I guess you can say that I got really sad with the ending of An Ember of Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I was sad because I did not know if that would be the end of the series but I happy that it’s not. Another book would have to be The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows. That ending was a killer. She’s one mean author lol


I read all sorts of horror books and watch all horror movies and I don’t get scared. Sorry but there are not books that I can think of that cause fear for me. Again I just so cold-hearted and rather emotionless so yeah. Okay maybe there is a little fear on how the Storm Siren series is going to end. I don’t want it to end because….I just don’t. If you haven’t read Mary Weber Storm Siren and Siren’s Fury….DO IT!!!!!


The same three books that made me angry can also apply to disgust. Seriously these two emotions go hand in hand. At least to me anyway. I was very disgusted with the writing and….look any book that has racial stereotypes automatically goes on my shit list. There is no coming back.

So there you have it. Fun…right? Well now I will tag some wonderful bloggers who I think might be interested in doing this tag.










As always thanks for stopping by.

-Sanovia <3


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