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Creatyvebooks--Havelock cover,reviews..etcHAVELOCK, by Jane D Everly

Genre: detective-mystery, romance

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release: June 1, 2015

Rating: 4 stars

Cover Artist: Polina Sapershteyn

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Eliana Havelock is a female with no past, whose determination to bring down a Karachi arms dealer catches the attention of the British Secret Intelligence Service. MI-6 is currently fractured due to political upheaval with many of its covert programs dissolved or disbanded. When Eliana presents the opportunity to divert an international arms disaster, the head of MI-6 partners her with one of it’s best and brightest, the enigmatic, Connor Blackwell. But in a world of secrets and hidden agendas, who can Eliana trust? And what, or who, is Eliana really after?

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This review is going to be short and sweet because Havelock was such a short story consisting of 63 pages. Yes the six chapter story is book one in a series. I will say that I’m not to fond of short stories passing off as novels. With that being said, Havelock is not that bad of a book. Although there were times that I wish that certain scenes were developed more and that the book was longer, it was still enjoyable.

Havelock is a spy/espionage thriller (think Bourne Identity) that is way too short for anything to really happen yet it did which is the frustrating part about this entire book. It’s fast paced, action-packed and such a quick read(63 pages) that it leaves you wanting more. Unfortunately you have to way until the next installment. Jane is one evil writer for doing that.

Next book please.

Not only is Havelock well written but the main character Elian is a kick ass heroine who is smart and know how to get shit done. So if you’re looking for an unique and mind-blowing read I would highly recommend this book to you. Yeah although it’s short by my standards it is still a great and fantastic read. My one complaint is that the switching from first person to third person kind of threw me off. But that’s just me.

Thank you Jane and Curiosity Quill Press for the opportunity to read Havelock

*All opinions are my own

About The Author:

Author Jane D Everly

Jane D Everly was born in Nottingham, England where she developed a depthless love of fiction. While aspiring to be a romance novelist, she discovered an edge to her work that was quite unexpected. It appeared that her love of action and adventure stories would forever prevent her from writing the stories of sappy romantic entanglements she believed she had always been meant to write. Instead, heavily influenced by the rise of geek culture, she began to write stories filled with kick-ass heroines and villains with delusions of attaining world domination.

Jane relocated to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2013 to pursue her writing career. She now lives in a beautiful downtown Vancouver apartment with her cat, Mr Bojangles, and an entire world of espionage and intrigue poised at her fingertips.


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