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I quit. No I don’t mean I quit blogging. I quit trying to stay up-to-date with all the YA books that have come out or are coming out this year. One, it takes money which can get expensive. Two, it takes a long time at the library. Yeah those waiting list can be hassle. Especially if a book is hella popular. Sometime you will be waiting up to a month or longer. Plus, I like reading on my own time. The two week borrow time is annoying. So yeah I quit.

On to next order of business, I will be making changes to my blog. The reason being is because I’m not getting enough traffic. Yes I have the followers but I desperately want the interaction. I need to know—rather I want to know if I’m doing things right. Being a Virgo we often try for perfection. Yes I know there is no such think but tell my brain that lol.

So slowly but surely I will be changing thing about my blog and what I post. One thing I have in mind is my love of quotes. Every Monday I will post a quote I love from the many books that I’ve read. Many might come from YA because yeah I read that a lot.

Tuesday-Thursday will be my reviews (which will be totally different). I’ll explain that in a bit. On Fridays I want to do something called CB Confessions. Basically, I will be confessing book related things. I mean you won’t believe some of the things I have to tell you. On Saturday-Sunday will be rest. I don’t usually post on those days anyway.

Now about my reviews. I’m going against the grain since its so much competition. I mean many of the YA blogs post and review the same books. All the popular books that everybody talks about. I must be real with myself—this shit is hard. Especially with the well establish book review bloggers out there. No way would people even look at my blog if they already read the review on another. So I’m going to be blogging about the less known or slightly less popular ones. It doesn’t mean that these books aren’t good, it’s just that many bloggers aren’t talking about them. I want to do my part in showing support to books that are great and phenomenal but get overshadowed.

On top of that I will be doing a challenge for myself. Since my one year blog anniversary will be happening in September, the same month as my birthday I want to something extraordinary. I’m not the first to do this but I’m challenging myself to blog only about Diverse books. Diversity in YA and literature are important to me. Still I can’t help but think that I can do more.

Without realizing it I most often than not skip over Diverse books and go straight for the popular, most talked about books that everybody else is hyping. I’m trying to change that because as a WoC I know how important it is to be presented in a good light. With I have a lot of research to do and how to get others evolved. So don’t be surprise when I ask a whole lot of questions pertaining to diversity in YA.

A year of Diversity is what I plan but I hope it can extend pass that. Anyways, as September gets closer the more details I will have about my challenge. For not that’s it.

My rant/rambling is complete.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment or book suggestions.

-Sanovia <3

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  1. I’m so glad you have to decided to do what works for you. I was having this same feeling last week.

    I was freaking out about everything & realised I’m just going to have to do it my way… I’m still getting comfortable with it & and worry about certain things but just remember to treat your blog like your house. MY RULES!!

    1. Yes and thank you. Took me forever to realize that but once I did I feel like the pressure has been lifted.

      Plus, I’m sort of tired of promoting the same books that everyone else is doing. There are so many great books and authors that get swept under the rug because the book blogging community only focus on the the chosen few.

      Sadly, it’s happening now. The same 4-5 books are getting all the buzz. At least in YA. I don’t know about NA and other genres.

      Ha! I have to remember that. MY RULES!! So taking that lol
      Thank you for stopping by. Your comment means a lot.

  2. I would never have guessed you’ve been blogging for less than a year! Your website is so professional looking. =) Interaction with readers is something I struggle with also. I try to end my posts with questions and stuff, but it’s rare that I’ll get a comment unless I’m running a giveaway … *shrug* Nearing my first year of blogging, I think I want to start focusing on documenting my arts/crafts/costuming, which is what I intended to do alongside book reviews, but fell by the wayside. I need to be much more selective and cut back on requesting so many books so I can do that! =)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading. I so agree with you. Getting the interaction from followers is so damn hard. I know a majority of my followers are from giveaways but still I would like to connect. I do ask questions at the end but you know…that’s why the change to my blog.

      If you focus on your crafts and stuff that should garner more followers and maybe interaction with them because people are always looking to learn new things. Can’t wait to see that feature. You’re into cosplay right? I saw you dressed like a character from How to Train Your Dragon 😃

      1. Ironically, most of my interaction will come on my blog’s FB page and my Instagram, but they’re usually friends and people I know IRL. 🙂 I’ve given up trying to figure it out. 😛

        Yep, I’ve been making costumes and sewing for years and am now finally getting into “actual” cosplay. Prepping for a local convention later this month. 🙂 I’ll still review books but hopefully it’ll be 50/50 book reviews/arts & crafts.

        1. Wow that is awesome. I know it takes a lot of work and dedication along with money lol. Do you plan on going to Comic Con in the future to show off your talents? Or have you been before?

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