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We Need Diverse

We Need Diverse Books is more than a hashtag. It’s more than a trend. It’s a movement to get publishers as well as authors to recognize all walks of life. Whether you’re a PoC (person of color) someone dealing with mental illness, a part of the LGBT community or any other group that is hardly recognized in the world of writing. This is what We Need Diverse Books is all about. Well that’s my take on it anyway. To you it might be different.

My concern is that it’s more of a trend instead of something important. Lately, there has been a lot of books—particular in YA where all of a sudden a PoC just pop up in a book. I fucking hate that. To the authors out there don’t treat this so flippantly just so you can make money or because you think it’s cool and you want to be known as one of those “cool” authors that “gets” the teenage audience. Yeah. No. Fuck you and your superior attitude.

You don’t get to write about me or someone with a disability or someone of Asian Heritage without doing some FUCKING research. You don’t get to write what you “think” you know about said group. That’s where the stereotypes come into play and that is something we in the minority are sick and tired of seeing. Not all Black people listen to rap and dreams of playing basketball. Not all Asian know karate or Kung Fu. I don’t think a person with a disability wants your pity or to be treated differently. No they pretty much want to be treated the same way that you are—with respect, dignity and compassion.

What I’m saying is, out of the how ever many books that are published yearly can we get a decent representation? I mean how many more YA books do I have to read where the main female character is blond hair and blue eyes? Hitler is dead. We won the war. Or the male lead is hot brooding with dark hair and piercing blue eyes or green with a speck of gold.

But way let’s not forget the “oh so special “but totally unique redhead. There has been a plethora of redheads that seem to come out of nowhere. Nothing wrong with being redhead but it’s still part of the problem where publishers think “white” is right—all the time.

And please don’t tell me it starts with the publishing companies because obviously these people aren’t listening. It starts with us, the reader demanding that everybody gets a fair presentation. In order to do that you have to buy the books. You have to review the books. You have to shout at the top of your lungs how much you loved said book. Also recommend the diverse books that you’ve read. That’s the only way I think the publishing companies will listen.

I myself have some diverse books on my shelf but I don’t think it’s enough. Hell I know it isn’t enough but it’s a start. I’m hoping by the end of the year that I can have a whole bookshelf dedicated to diverse books. A whole shelf doesn’t seem like much but with the rate that diverse books are published this is all that I can hope at the moment.


I know.

So there you have it. My rant on this issue. There are other bloggers that can express themselves more eloquently and can truly speak on matter and have a deeper more thought-provoking discussion but I just had to get this off my chest.

So if you’re a publishing company or an author please don’t treat We Need Diverse Books as a trend. It’s way more than that and you know it. Teens are impressible and what you write and say can shape there worldview on so many things. Remember there are some that have not even met a PoC or a Gay person or an Asian—only through books. So what you write and how you write about these people matters. So quit with the stereotypes and take the time to do the research before your work is seen and brought by the public.

To you my dear followers if you have suggestions or recommendations of diverse books please leave them in the comment section below where other followers can see and possible add to there list or pick up the next they go to the bookstore or library.

As always thank you for stopping by you truly are the best followers a girl can ask for. Until next time.

-Sanovia <3

If you’re interested in knowing about We Need Diverse Books Campaign I highly recommend you visit the site. It explains how you can help the cause. To donate to the cause as well as their mission statement. Plus so much more. Basically they can explain it better than I ever could.


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